Survivor: South Pacific

8:30pm – Wednesday, January 11 on FOUR

It’s the moment Survivor fans have been waiting for – the Survivor: South Pacific final! The two-hour Survivor: South Pacific final and reunion special screens on Wednesday, January 11 th at 8:30pm on FOUR. This week’s two-hour Survivor: South Pacific season finale promises lots of emotional fireworks as the remaining five castaways are cut down to the three players. Once the castaways are cut down to three, the jury interviews the final contestants before voting for the winner. Following the season finale, the winner is revealed on the Survivor reunion special as the 20 castaways are reunited to discuss the game.

Make sure not to miss this season finale extravaganza when Survivor: South Pacific concludes its season on Wednesday, January 11 th at 8:30pm on FOUR.

8:30pm – Wednesday, October 5 on FOUR

This week sees Survivor alums Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth returning to our screens when they compete against 16 brand new contestants in Survivor: South Pacific, premiering on Wednesday, October 5 th at 8:30pm on FOUR.

Coach finished fifth on Survivor: Tocatins and 12th on Heroes vs. Villains, while Lusth was runner-up on Cook Islands and came in ninth on Micronesia – Fans vs. Favourites.

Although Coach and Lusth don’t have a rivalry like last season’s vets “Boston” Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz, host Jeff Probst says they do have something in common. “What they share together is their social games suck,” Probst says. “Coach? He blew it in Heroes vs. Villains. He blew it seven different ways. And Ozzy got voted out with an idol in his hand!”

“So we looked at it and said, ‘Here are two guys that do have a redemption story. Yes, you’ve played. Yes, you’re popular, but you don’t know what you’re doing in this game.'”

Also unlike last season, Probst believes the two will have a much harder time winning than Mariano did because, well, Mariano won.

“Boston Rob [Mariano] winning last season made it very difficult for Coach and Ozzy,” Probst says. “We even talked about giving them immunity. We said, maybe we should give them immunity for the first Tribal Council and let them get their feet wet, and we said that’s just not our show. You’re on your own.”

So how will Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth approach the game? Find out in the season premiere of Survivor: South Pacific, screening on Wednesday, October 5 th at 8:30pm on FOUR.