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Series 1 had viewers glued to their screens. Now the thrilling action series returns. But with Abby now captured by scientists at the ominous Lab, the remaining survivors can cling only to hope.

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Imagine being the only survivor of a disease that kills every member of your family. That kills friends, lovers, nearly everyone you have ever met. You are among the lonely few to live and now you must survive in a strange new world where things that were once safe are made disturbing and unsafe – it’s our own world but recycled, re-imagined and reused. Set in the near future, Survivors focuses on the world in the aftermath of a devastating virus and the small, resilient group of people who, because they survived, must now live.

8:30pm Thursday, October 28 on Prime

Drama Series

The Family convenes in the ruined Lab in tonight’s final episode of Survivors. With a new strain of the virus loose, the Lab’s work to find a vaccine is more important than ever. Unable to find any signs of Whittaker, Abby agrees to provide whatever samples needed to create a cure. Al, believing that he has nothing left to lose, volunteers himself to test the vaccine. Meanwhile Whittaker, surviving off the serum gleaned from Abby’s blood in episode two, continues to hamper the Family’s plans with lies and deceptions, leading the group to the abandoned airbase for a final showdown with the mysterious Landry…

Former Doctor Who actor Paul McGann has arrived in New Zealand for the upcoming Armageddon expo being held in Auckland this weekend.

McGann played the eighth incarnation of the famous BBC Doctor in a 1996 television movie alongside outgoing Doctor Sylvester McCoy and Eric Roberts.

The British actor said of the fans he often encounters at pop culture events: “Dr Who fans tend to clamour in my royal presence and shake a bit, and get a little bit sweaty.”

McGann will be joined at Armageddon this weekend by Futurama’s John DiMaggio (who voices Bender), Survivors’ Johnny Fairplay and Michael Biehn of Terminator.

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8:30pm Thursday, October 21 on Prime

Drama Series

Reunited and on the road, the Family travels South on the lookout for a new home. They encounter a small but thriving community of survivors and, after some initial trepidation, decide to take up their offer of hospitality. While Al and Sarah enjoy their new romance, Tom simmers as Anya makes friends with the new community’s leader, Judy. Greg and Abby leave together to follow up their own investigations: Greg into a mysterious postcard he was sent shortly before the virus hit, and Abby into the Lab and the imprisoned survivors she met during her time there. Meanwhile, Sarah discovers an elderly couple dying from a new, mutant strain of the virus…

8:30pm Thursday, September 30 on Prime

Drama Series

Tom and Greg are enslaved alongside Kevin and dozens of others in Mr Smithson’s coal mine, as the series charting the struggles of a handful of survivors in a post-virus apocalypse continues. Meanwhile, the Family is desperately hunting for them and follows Billy, the only lead, to a roadside motel where he is meeting his girlfriend, Sally. When questioned, Billy feigns ignorance and exits under the pretence of asking around while on his trading route, leaving the Family with Sally. In the mine, an accident leaves Kevin badly injured. Greg formulates an escape plan by convincing Smithson that he is a geologist and that he has discovered a gas leak in the mine. However, the Family is converging on Smithson’s with its own rescue plans, leading to a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

8:30pm Thursday, September 23 on Prime

Drama Series

Fifty-year-old cockney wide-boy Billy is a trader and opportunist, traversing the desolate roads of Britain in his well-stocked container lorry. Billy meets the Family on the road and hands over vital supplies. Surprised, but grateful for Billy’s generosity, the Family decides to stay overnight in a cottage close by to help Abby recover from her terrifying ordeal at the Lab. Later, at Samantha’s compound, Billy reveals details of the Family’s location, before dumping his young, innocent passenger, Kevin, at another mysterious compound. Samantha orders Dexter – her gun-toting henchman – to arrest Tom. She intends to reintroduce the judicial system, putting Tom on trial for the murder he committed previously against one of her people.

With Tom captured and under arrest, Abby has no other option but to lead Greg and Anya in pursuit, later taking on the role of Counsel For The Defence, while Greg and Anya become members of the jury. Tom’s brutal past is finally revealed for all to hear, and the Family is confronted with the reality of the man it has been harbouring. As the trial threatens to fall apart, a string of betrayals and double-crosses ensues.

8:30pm Thursday, September 16 on Prime

Drama Series

With Abby still missing, and Greg recovering from his injuries, the family is holed up in the city, scavenging for survival. While Naj leaves graffiti messages across the crumbling landscape for Abby, Tom steals supplies from another group of survivors. The family learns that other people have been abducted in the same way as Abby, and that the kidnappers bear the markings of PSJ, a pharmaceutical company with offices in the city. As Tom leads Al, Anya and Sarah off on this trail, Greg and Naj find themselves confronted by the group Tom stole from. Meanwhile, in the lab, Abby is re-infected by Whittaker, who will stop at nothing to find his miracle vaccine…

8:30pm Thursday, September 9 on Prime

Drama Series

Abby is being held by Whittaker and Fiona at the Lab. There, she learns that the scientists have avoided infection and are looking desperately for a vaccine which they believe her unique immune system alone will generate. Meanwhile, the family races to save Greg’s life as he lies dying from a gunshot wound. Drawn into a burning hospital in search of the necessary medical equipment, Al and Anya are caught in an avalanche of rubble as the building collapses around them. Tom is faced with the stark challenge of rescuing his friends from a seemingly insurmountable disaster, with only Sarah and Naj to help him.

8:30pm Thursday, September 2 on Prime

Drama Series

Abby and her friends find themselves on the run from Samantha and Dexter, who have formed a dangerous alliance that threatens everyone’s freedom. Meanwhile, Sarah is confronted by a face from the past which leads her to betray her new friends. When Naj goes missing, the family is forced to face the dangers of the city in order to find him. Their food and water supplies have been stolen from their car by desperate urban survivors, so they know they may not be able to survive long enough to find Naj. The family is nearly torn apart when Greg and Abby find themselves on opposite sides of an argument. Meanwhile, Naj is befriended by a feral boy named Darren. He lives with the sinister Craig and June, who look after a group of children who forage amidst the ruins of the city, in return for shelter and protection. Naj soon sees that Craig is ruthlessly exploiting Darren and the others but, without Abby, he faces a struggle to save himself. With his adopted family searching for him in the deserted city, time is rapidly running out and Dexter is only a step behind them all…