Bernstein Research have made some interesting observations about what’s going on between broadcasters and SVOD services like Netflix.

Major studio and network owners’ decision to sell shows to Netflix might go down as one of the biggest strategic blunders they’ve ever made, if Bernstein Research’s Todd Juenger’s compelling report today is correct. Like a lot of analysts, he’s alarmed by what he calls the “unprecedented” drop in C3 ratings across ad-supported TV, especially among 18 to 49-year-olds. He figures that the 4% decline in total day TV viewing vs the same period last year equals about 13 minutes per day. And he concludes it’s not a blip: They’ve gone to subscription video-on-demand services led by Netflix and its shrewd CEO Reed Hastings. Its viewing has increased about 12 minutes a day, to 95 minutes, as its audience has grown and each subscriber spends more time with it.

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SKY_Hero_Top_RGB_01While New Zealand is regularly referred to as Middle Earth, it appears that Sky Television would prefer it to be Westeros. The porcelain throne, for dumping excessive amounts of capital on “too-late-to-market” technologies down (like TiVo) is currently occupied by House TVNZ but House Sky seem all too eager to topple the incumbent king. With jealousy over the monopoly setting in, House Sky have carted carriages of gold to The Eyrie to tip out of the moon door.

Yes. Sky have announced that they’re launching a streaming video service.

When it comes to being fast followers, Sky are like the last kid in a long distance running race. The officials are packing away chairs and picking up left over rubbish as a couple of proud parents clap and cheer as the fruit of their loins limps towards the tattered ribbon that was broken well before the sun set and all the excited spectators went home. Continue reading »