syfyOh dear?  The creators of Sharknado have just had a new 13 episode series greenlit for SyFy.

“‘Z Nation’ will take viewers where no zombie has gone before,” says Schaefer, who will also serve as showrunner. The show, he continues, adds “a sense of hope to the horror of the apocalypse –- our everyday heroes take the fight to the zombies. It’ll be an epic journey unlike anything you’ve seen before.”

Z Nation is a unique new journey into the long established zombie genre,” said Syfy SVP Chris Regina. “Instead of existential despair, the series offers hope that somehow, some way, humanity will not only survive, but triumph.” Added Schaefer, “Our everyday heroes take the fight to the zombies. In producing their first ever weekly series, our long-time partners The Asylum have created a different way of telling an iconic story.” Continue reading »

syfyThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that SyFy, one of the most requested channels will finally be launching in New Zealand next year.  However, Sky have told us that they won’t be carrying the channel.

While a Sci Fi Channel remains as one of the Top 5 new channels the pay tv network would like to launch here, Sky told Throng that The SyFy Channel had not cleared rights for New Zealand. Continue reading »

SkySportlogoThankfully Sky have enough capacity for an extra sport channel.  If only they’d find the resources for SyFy.

SKY Sport is bursting at the seams with so much LIVE sport this weekend we’ve had to add a free pop-up channel so SKY Sport customers can watch the final day of the first BLACKCAPS test match against Bangladesh.

This weekend is jam-packed with LIVE sport across the sports channels and to make sure SKY Sport customers don’t miss any of the non-stop action, pop-up channel SKY Sport 5 (055) will be screening Day 5 of the 1st test match between Bangladesh and the BLACKCAPS. Continue reading »