Ta Tai Hono

Sunday March 29 at 8.00 PM

Season premiere! The return of the half-hour programme that explores the lives of Maori that have lost the knowledge of their tribal affiliations, language and tikanga, and are on the road to discovery and connection.  Tonight: Tepene Pine is an eighteen year old film student from Hastings.  He travels to Hamilton to ask his Aunty questions regarding his whakapapa.  And in Australia we meet a group of Maori Language learners from Te Reo Maioha ki Poihakena which is the tenth division of the Maori Language Learning Course Te Ataarangi.  They give us a unique insight into life for our whanau living across the ditch.

Sunday August 31 at 8.00 PM

A series in which urban Maori trace their roots and reconnect with their people. Tonight: Wellington photographer Adrian Heke has just begun to look into his whakapapa, while Jude Manuel, a health worker in Manukau, has spent 25 years researching hers.