Takeaway My Takeaway

NZ TV Premiere: Takeaway My Takeaway

Food TV – Fridays from 15 February, 9.30pm

Around the world, takeaways are a big part of life. Every evening, millions of takeaways are being delivered to homes in all four corners of the globe. But how much do the people eating them really know about the countries and cultures where their favourite food originates? We take these teenage takeaway fans by surprise by ringing the front door bell of their home one evening when they are expecting their take away to be delivered. They answer the door to find our host with a bag of take-away in each hand. He wants to find out exactly how much they really know about their weekly treat. What are the ingredients of a Chicken Korma? How is Kao Pat cooked? Not surprisingly, our take away fans aren’t exactly sure… Our host tells them that it’s time to pack – because they are off to the country where their delivery originates. It’s time to say goodbye to their friends and family and head to the airport!