10:25pm Sunday, February 13 on TV One

Kiwi Joel Tobeck (This Is Not My Life) stars in Tangle, TV ONE’s new drama that follows the twisted fates of two fractured, contemporary families.

Tim Williams (Tobeck) has the world at his feet. Tipped for a top job in the Cabinet, he is well on his way to becoming Premier. With a happy marriage, a good relationship with his teenage son and respect from his peers, his future is looking rosy. There’s just one little problem: Tim had a brief, ill-judged affair with drug-loving wild-child, Nat (Kat Stewart, Underbelly), 15 years ago and the affair ended in pregnancy. Tim confessed to his wife, Christine (Catherine McClements, Rush), and together they patched up their marriage and fought bitterly for custody of the child, Max (Blake Davis, Rush).

Nat fled to London and hasn’t been heard from since. Now ten years on, Nat is a mere blot on the landscape of the Williams’ hard-won, happy lives. Except that Nat is about to return.

There is also a secret underbelly to the world into which Nat returns. Her sister, Ally (Justine Clarke, Love My Way), is living in domestic oblivion. Unaware that her husband, Vince (Ben Mendelsohn, Animal Kingdom) is having an affair, she is also blind to the fact that his best friend, Gabriel (Matt Day, Underbelly), is in love with her. But maybe most dangerously, she is oblivious to her husband’s plans: a builder with ambitions to climb the political ladder.

In her first dramatic television role since Underbelly, Australian actor Kat Stewart says she’s relished the chance to star in a very different show. “I knew that the next drama I did should probably be pretty different,” Stewart told the AAP. “The show’s couldn’t be more different – I loved doing Underbelly but it’s great just to mix it up.

“It’s the kind of show I’d watch,” Stewart continues. “I love the complexity of the characters. I love the way it’s filmed, I love the performances and the way it doesn’t let you off the hook. There aren’t clear goodies and baddies.”

Tangle is about the twisted fates of two fractured, contemporary families, battling destiny, running from consequence and searching for their individual paths to success and happiness.

Missed an episode of Tangle? Full episodes are available online. Go to tvnz.co.nz and click the ‘Ondemand’ button

What can we expect from TV One in 2011?  Well, it appears as though the experiment of 2010 has been done away with and the edginess has gone and it’s returned to solid 25-54 programming.

Check out the trailers below.  Unfortunately, the kiwi shows don’t have trailers on YouTube, yet (nudge, nudge, wink, wink @TV2Boy!).

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