Te Mangai Paho

the-gcLast year NZ On Air gave $419,408 to fund the production of the highly criticised and reasonably well rating The GC on TV3.  This year, Te Mangai Paho has come to the party with a budget that is almost identical to bring another wonderful season to our screens.

The Board of Te Mangai Paho has announced their funding decisions from the third and final funding round for the 2012 / 2013 year.

Chief Executive, John Bishara acknowledges there will be considerable interest in one of the funded programmes, “The GC”, which will screen on TV3 later this year.

Black Inc Media Ltd will receive $419,384 (plus GST) for the second series of “The GC” and Mr Bishara is confident this company will provide the Maori language and Maori cultural components TMP requires. Continue reading »