Teuila Blakely

teuila-blakelyI was amused to read yesterday that Teuila Blakely had gotten herself in the media again.

Ex-Shortland Street star Teuila Blakely has apologised after swearing at cafe staff during a dispute over her morning coffee and juice in West Auckland today.

A customer who witnessed the dispute said Blakely yelled at café staff at The Luscious Foodstore in Te Atatu after believing she was waiting too long for her coffee and juice.

But what I found interesting was the description of her. Continue reading »

I love the NRL but can someone please explain this to me.

Transferal of bodily fluid to someone else’s mouth = fined
Transferal of bodily fluid to your own mouth = fired

Shortland Street’s Teuila Blakely has confirmed that she is the woman in The Warriors’ Konrad Hurrell’s selfie sex tape after initially insisting it wasn’t her.

“Yeah it was me, but it was a private video between me and Koni and it wasn’t meant to have been leaked.”

Blakely, 39, has been dating the 22-year-old Warriors centre, who is the same age as her son, Jared. But she says the relationship is casual. Continue reading »