Texas S.W.A.T.

Get an up-close, inside look at the high-stakes world of special weapons and tactics teams across the USA with TEXAS S.W.A.T.

From strategy and planning to heart-pounding deployment – it’s a truly unique and exciting look at the best in law enforcement. Witness never-before-seen specialised tactics, tricks and training, as well as the camaraderie that bonds every man and woman on the force – from gathering intelligence to executing high-risk plans aboard planes, trains and helicopters, every episode is filled with action-packed real-life investigations.

Join the elite crime-fighting experts as they use the latest technology and tactics to handle tough situations and manage crises such as diffusing a bomb to negotiating hostage situations.

In tonight’s episode, the Dallas team organises a vehicular assault on a gang of suspected drug dealers. They also serve as back-up for a negotiator trying to talk down a former drug user who just killed his girlfriend and her lover. Meanwhile, the Irving team stages attacks on drug dealers in their cars.

Thursday 11 January at 10pm on Prime.