Thanks For Listening

World Premiere: Thanks For Listening: The History Of Australian Radio

History Channel – Sundays from 18 November, 7.30pm

Exclusive to The History Channel, this 5 part series chronicles the greatest moments in Australian radio and the impact radio has had on the lives of everyday Australians since its introduction in the 1920’s. The series will include everything from the early days of radio dramas and comedies, the success of the radio quiz genre as well as the emergence of sport, music and talkback radio. Thanks For Listening – The History of Australian Radio will feature a cavalcade of Australia’s most high profile radio personalities including – “Golden Tonsils” John Laws, sports commentator Johnny Tapp; Howard Sattler; Bert Newton; Ray Hadley; John Blackman; Wayne Roberts and the iconic Alan Jones. The series delivers actual recordings of great moments in radio, together with the in–depth interviews with stars past and present.