That’s so Raven

Don’t expect to see a That’s So Raven movie or spin-off- Raven-Symoné, who plays Raven Baxter on the show stated that she was “done with Disney Channel and sitcoms and was going to not be reprising her role as Raven Baxter for a while…a long while”.
This comment closed doors on another spin-off of the show, going to be called Raven Too!.
The proposed show was going to be about Raven, Eddie and Chelsea enrolling in college and living college life.

However, the Disney Adventures mag has said that “there is currently a That’s So Raven movie in the works” and have put up a pre-order page for the That’s So Raven Movie novel.

The Baxter family now consists of Cory and Victor, but that doesn’t mean Raven’s gone forever!
In episode 14, Raven is back to visit Cory and Victor! It’s aslo been hinted that Tania Baxter (T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh) is aslo going to be in the episode. She left at the end of season 3 to go to Law School.

All your favourite Disney stars appear in three special cross-over episodes of That’s so Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana.

Raven visits the Tipton Hotel and meets Zack and Cody when she organises a photo shoot, Cody becomes paranoid because of one of Raven’s premonitions and Hannah Montana stays at the Tipton.

Find out what happens when all your favourite Disney characters meet on screen!

Saturday 27th January, from 6:30pm, Disney Channel, Sky

Cory in the House is the first spinoff of That’s So Raven. The show is expected to premiere in January 2007.

The storyline involves Cory and his father Victor adjusting to life in Washington D.C.; Victor has received a job as the personal chef to the President. The show is also rumored to take place whilst Tanya is still at law school in England, with Raven (presumably) attending college with her two best friends.

There is much speculation on whether there will be a That’s So Raven movie produced; at the end of an interview with Regis Philbin, Raven-Symoné answered his queries on a movie with the following: “You’re hilarious, Regis – You’re hilarious! You never know; whatever the fans want, I try to fulfill to 100%.”

It was also stated in an issue of Disney Adventures Magazine that a “That’s So Raven movie is in the works”.

That’s So Raven is an American sitcom television show broadcast on the Disney Channel. The plot revolves around fashionable teenager Raven Baxter and her schemes to get herself, her friends, or family members, out of a wacky situation, usually by using her psychic powers and her skills as a master of disguise.

Produced by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment for the first three seasons, the show became a production of Warren & Rinsler Productions in association with That So Productions for its fourth seasons. The show finished production in 2006.