The 4.30 Show

AdamPercivalWhat Now presenter Adam Percival has announced his departure from the long-running children’s television programme this morning.

Percival, who has been on the programme for three and a half years, will be moving to co-present What Now’s sister production The 4.30 Show, alongside Eve Palmer and Michael Lee.

He joined the show in August 2011, as one of two replacements for presenter Charlie Panapa.

Percival’s replacement will join presenters Gem Knight and Ronnie Taulafo on next Sunday’s show.

erin-simpson-show-avg-audTVNZ made a decision last year that it was time to revamp their afternoon kids line up and replace The Erin Simpson Show with The 4.30 Show instead.  Here’s how things stack up.

The graph to the left shows the average audience per episode for The Erin Simpson Show for the last 3 years.  The average audience across 2013 was 84,8789 viewers per week day afternoon.  The last 3 years have been relatively consistent in terms of numbers for TV2 though.

The first week of 2013 saw TESS deliver 70,556 viewers per episode for TVNZ which was down quite a bit compared to the annual average, however that average is hampered by two very low rating first episodes. Continue reading »