the 430 show

4.30Show_LogoTV2’s new afternoon show and its replacement to The Erin Simpson Show, The 4.30 Show, has begun!

The website is now live at and the show is encouraging viewers to get active on Social Media with the hashtag #the430show.

The following image was posted on Twitter:

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430Show_HostsTV2’s new afternoon show, has joined social media.

Join the hosts of The 4.30 Show Massad, Eve Palmer and Michael Lee on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep up to date with the latest news from on the set.

One of those pieces of news is the 4.30 Show “coming soon” titles:

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Via the Tipline: This is the cast of The 4.30 Show, coming to TV2 in 2014.  The 4.30 Show replaces The Erin Simpson Show.

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