The Backyardigans

Saturday 26 January – Friday 01 February 2008

The Backyardigans
Daily at 9:30am and 1:30pm

Remember prancing around as the Sugar Plum Fairy while listening to the Nutcracker? Or your interpretation of the Jet dance from West Side Story? Well, that’s what The Backyardigans is about. This animated show designed for pre-schoolers is about having fun in your backyard. The Backyardigans plays daily at 9:30am and 1:30pm on TVNZ Kidzone on TVNZ 6.

The Backyardigans’ central characters are three next-door neighbours – Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua – who get together to play every afternoon in their shared backyard. Visitors include Tasha, Uniqua’s friend, and Austin, who has recently moved in across the street.
Pablo the penguin is very excitable! Just leaving the house to play in the backyard can make him babble with joy. He thinks quickly, speaks quickly, and acts and reacts quickly too. He gets big ideas, and although he might not be the most agile or graceful of the friends, he’s probably the most determined and enthusiastic.

Tyrone the moose is the sunny one. He’s easygoing and can get along with anybody. He takes life’s ups and downs in his stride, and doesn’t let things get under his skin. He’s a deep thinker, and enjoys a challenge because he knows, in his heart, he can do anything he puts his mind to.

Uniqua is a unique creature – she has purple skin, pink spots and dainty antennae and doesn’t look like any other creature on the planet. She’s funny, and loves to tell jokes and tickle her friends. She’s mischievous, and sweet, and cares a lot about her friends.

Uniqua’s friend Tasha is a little girl hippo. She loves her playdates with Uniqua. She looks sweet as pie, but underneath her girly exterior, Tasha is tough and takes no prisoners. She’s rational, sceptical and highly motivated to make things go her way.

And Austin is the new kangaroo kid on the block. He doesn’t know the others that well yet, so is sometimes hesitant to express his opinion.

Altogether, The Backyardigans play together and have fun with music and dance, in the safety of their own backyard.

Brand New Episodes: The Backyardigans

Nick Jr – Mondays – Wednesdays from 28th May, 12.30pm

The lovable characters from The Backyardigans inspire children to sing and dance along, and to stretch their imaginations as they climb up mountains, slide down glaciers, and sail across oceans, and this brand new series is no exception. Watch as Tyrone and Tasha are Mission Control specialists sending their intrepid astronauts on a mission to find life on Mars. Mad Scientist Tasha sends her humble assistant, Austin, on a journey to bring three monsters back to her laboratory. Sherlock Holmes style detective, Pablo, travels to Mystery Manor to find out who stole Lady Tasha’s jewels. Tune in from Monday 28th May.