The Best of Top Gear

8:35pm Wednesday, July 13 on Prime


Tonight the boys attempt to turn a boring multiple person transporter into a fashionable ‘drop top’, by putting a working convertible roof on an ageing Renault Espace. Removal of the roof is a complete success – construction of a new one less so. They conclude that trying to make your own convertible is a bit like trying to cut your own hair. You can do it, but you probably shouldn’t. James enjoys looking at a Honda Civic. Owning a Honda used to be as much a part of old age as incontinence and nose hair. But, with the Civic, it looks like Honda employed a designer to create funky tweaks to scare off the older generation. The door handles look like rocket ships. And the dashboard is a sci-fi fan’s dream. Looks like granny and grandpa are actually going to have to start using their free bus-passes!

8:30pm Tuesday, March 9 on Prime


Prime brings you all the best-loved episodes of your favourite motoring show, Top Gear. In tonight’s episode, Jeremy, Richard and James look at fuel economy. They find out how far five supercars can go on one gallon of petrol (the answer? Not very) and Jeremy compares the Toyota Prius with the BMW M3 to show that driving style can make a big impact on how much fuel you use.

The presenters are also challenged to make their own police cars from old bangers, putting them to the test in a chase situation and Jeremy reviews the awesome lightweight Ferrari Scuderia.

Alan Carr (English stand-up comedian and media personality) and Justin Lee Collins (British comedian, television and radio presenter) are the stars in a Reasonably Priced Car.

TUESDAY 7th July 8:30PM


Is it possible to buy a stylish two-door coupe for under £1,500? Jeremy, Richard and James take up the challenge. There’s also a look at the MC12 from Maserati. Jack Dee does his best to have fun as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car and the debate on the greatest driving song of all time continues.

TUESDAY 30th June 8:30PM


One of the key ingredients that go into making Top Gear is petrol. But, as world oil reserves dwindle, the boys decide to provide for the future by growing their own biofuel crop. Obviously this necessitates the testing of some truly enormous tractors. Each presenter is asked to choose their own tractor for ploughing and cultivating our biofuel field.

James goes for the Fendt 930, which, thanks to its many onboard computers and driving aids, turns out to be a sort of agricultural Mercedes S-Class. Jeremy, unsurprisingly, opts for speed with the 8.3 litre turbo-charged JCB Fastrack. Richard, meanwhile, decides that big is best and picks the 24 tonne SDX Steiger, which looks like the product of an unholy union between a Challenger tank and a block of flats.

After some extremely non-industry standard tests involving a very literal drag race, and surely the slowest power lap the Stig will ever do, the presenters finally make it to their chosen field where work begins on ploughing. Despite the fact that all this really involves is driving up and down in a straight line, it does not go well.

TUESDAY 23rd June 8:30PM


In one of their most spectacular challenges ever, Richard Hammond travels to Cyprus where he pits the Porshe Cayenne Turbo S against the RAF’s freefall parachute display team, The Red Devils. Jeremy Clarkson employs a top interior designer to convert a Mercedes S Class into the ultimate luxury car – with surprising results. The BMW Z4M flexes its muscles when the Stig power tests it on the track and the star in the reasonably priced car is Hollywood A lister – Ewan McGregor.

TUESDAY 16th June 8.30pm


In this episode we revisit Jeremy pitting the might of a Range Rover Sport against the sheer brute force of the Challenger 2 Tank. Richard and James indulge in a game of football with a Toyota and a Mercedes. Cold Feet star James Nesbitt is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.


In this episode of The Best of Top Gear we get a second chance to see the horrific crash from which Richard Hammond so miraculously recovered.

Hammond talks us through his jet-car experience and the terrifying 288mph crash that followed. He makes a grand entrance, Top Gear-style, and shows us the successful runs he made in the Vampire jet car, before finally getting to the footage of the accident itself. It is chilling stuff, but makes his rapid return to fighting fitness seem all the more incredible.

Monday 15th December

Jeremy tests the new BMW X3 and discovers its limitations as an off-road and on-road vehicle. James tries the new Volvo V50 and wonders if it’s as good as its rivals. While Richard – having clearly drawn the short straw – drives the new Corvette.


Jeremy drives the new Ford GT40 in Detroit and a diesel VW Lupo around the rather unglamorous M25. 

The Stig drives off the end of an aircraft carrier – a dramatic feat even for the invincible Stig! 

Former Eastender and Spadau Ballet star Martin Kemp is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.



Monday 1st December

Jeremy drives the Mazda RX8 and James drives the new Fiat Panda and is quite surprised when it doesn’t fall to bits.

We revisit the Top Gear team’s best effort to destroy what appears to be the most indestructible car in the world – an 11-year-old diesel Toyota Hilux. Jeremy drives in into a wall, a tree and through a shed. It’s left in the Severn Estuary, home to the second biggest tide in the world, hit with a wrecking ball, dropped and set on fire. They even drop a caravan on top of it, but still it works.

Sadly, the same treatment wasn’t given to this week’s Star in a Reasonably Priced Car – Simon Cowell.