The Block

With MKRNZ ending last week, it’s time to look at how the two series performed going head to head against each other throughout the week.

TV One’s new cooking series drew a higher total average audience of 367,311 viewers per episode compared to TV3’s home renovation show The Block NZ which only drew 293,119.

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As the NZ Herald points out this morning, beginning late August, The Block and My Kitchen Rules NZ will go head to head in the prime time ratings battle every Tuesday and Wednesday night.  The last time we saw a similar battle was between Masterchef New Zealand and The Great Food Race, and that was a clear victory to TVONE and Masterchef NZ. This time I am not so sure…

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THE X FACTOR: Pink logo.The X Factor New Zealand debuted last night on TV3 to much fanfare.  (You can read my thoughts on the first episode and check out our collection of some of the more memorable tweets made during the broadcast)

It was always expected that the show would rate reasonably well but the numbers this morning were a little lower than many may have expected.

The average audience last night for the season premiere of The X Factor was only 467,360 viewers. This is certainly a good figure for TV3 but let’s compare it to some other big talent shows.

NZ Idol Series 1 (2004): 885,600
Dancing With The Stars New Zealand Series 3 (2007): 787,000
Masterchef New Zealand Series 3 (2012): 497,940
New Zealand’s Got Talent Series 2 (2012): 934,820
The Block New Zealand Series 1 (2012): 374,600

While that number may look much lower than the others, we are talking about a non-TVNZ channel here, and there are some other factors in play. Continue reading »

VIBE – Sundays from 23 October, 8.30pm

Four identical dilapidated apartments. Four very different couples. One winner. Four couples move into four identical apartments with little more than the clothes they are wearing. With equal-sized budgets of $80,000 they have just eight weeks to out-design, out-decorate and out-renovate each other. Each week the couples will present one room to judges Neale Whitaker and John McGrath in a bid to win extra cash to go towards their budget. But in the end, the best apartment is decided by the toughest judges of all – the buying public.

7:30pm Friday, September 9 on Prime


It’s the Grand Finale! After eight weeks of exhausting renovations at The Block, all four houses are finally Open For Inspection. When they go under the hammer at Auction, which couple will take out the $100,000 prize? Will it be the youngest couple, Josh and Jenna? Or country sisters, Katrina and Amie? Perhaps first time renovators Polly and Waz will win? Or will the most experienced renovators, Rod and Tania, be winners? Find out tonight in this two-hour special!

7:30pm Monday, September 5 on Prime


It’s the last week at The Block! The judges will announce the winner of the final room reveal and then it’s party time for all four teams before they have to pack up and leave. The four couples return to their own homes only to find that nothing is quite the same after eight long weeks of renovating and suddenly becoming TV stars. But host Scott Cam calls all of them back to Melbourne to take part in a huge two day challenge which will decide the all-important Auction Order. Then in the Grand Finale, all four houses are finally Open For Inspection. When they go under the hammer at Auction, which couple will take out the $100,000 prize?

7:30pm Monday, August 29 on Prime


It’s now Week Seven at The Block and time to focus on the exterior! The biggest cash prizes are on offer this week and the couples are desperate to win. The teams will have to battle against atrocious weather to have any chance of completing their gardens and renovating the facades before this week’s final reveal and judgement.

7:30pm Monday, August 22 on Prime


It’s now Week Six at The Block and time to focus on the kitchen! All four teams will have their work cut out for them. One team decides to go even further by completely re-doing one of their previous rooms. Also this week; Shelley Craft sets a cooking challenge for the couples with one very big twist, and Scott Cam’s seemingly simple challenge turns into a riotous game show, with a special guest host.

7:30pm Monday, August 15 on Prime


It’s now Week Five at The Block and it’s time for another challenge! Shelley Craft sets the four couples a challenge to style a room for Belle Magazine. One couple suffer a family tragedy and have to call in reinforcements. Chaos ensues as the couples try to coordinate tradesmen for their hallways and living rooms, which proves to be very difficult for all four teams. Also on The Block this week; the sisters have a last minute drama, Josh and Jenna can’t agree with each other, a very special celebrity host sends one team straight to the doghouse, and the winner of the next room reveal is announced.

7:30pm Monday, August 1 on Prime


The pressure remains as our four couples continue their journey in The Block! For their second rooms, the couples were told everything had to be second-hand. Now it’s time for the judges to hand in their verdict. Who will come out on top? Also on The Block this week; Shelley Craft takes the couples well and truly out of their comfort zones with the Pipeworks challenge, and the contestants engage in some high stakes art therapy to win themselves a tradie for the day. But who will receive some stern words from site foreman Keith for cutting corners? And which couple will face bathroom disaster?