The Bold and the Beautiful

Say goodbye to Ridge Forrester

After more than two decades of playing Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, actor Ronn Moss is leaving the show, reportedly over salary issues. He has played the character since the show’s beginning in 1987.

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In a TV Guide snippet on page 31 of the current issue, Prime has announced that it will drop The Bold & The Beautiful after Tuesday, December 1.

A spokesperson for the network said the decision “was that of a purely commercial nature and made with reluctance”.

Coincidentally, December 1 also marks the last day of broadcasts of Days Of Our Lives until mid-January.

Darlene Conley, who starred in The Bold and the Beautiful and also has parts in Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless, has passed away of stomach cancer at the age of 72.

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Darlene Conley, a star of The Bold and the Beautiful for almost nineteen years has died of stomach cancer aged 72. Conley, who played Sally Spectra on the soap, had been undergoing treatment for quite some time and finally succumbed to her illness on January 14 (January 15 NZ Time).

Conley had been one of the longest serving cast memebers of the show, joining The Bold and the Beautiful in 1988, Just a little over a year after it had debuted in 1987. In recent years Conley’s appearances on the show had become more and more sporadic as she had suffered from various health issues which prevented more appearances on the show, including a leg injury in 2005.

In addition to her nineteen years on The Bold and the Beautiful, Darlene Conley appeared on The Young and the Restless as Rose DeVille, and various film roles, including a part in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

PRIME is pleased to present daily screenings of the ever-popular THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

4:00pm Daily from Monday January 1st 2007

Designed as a sister soap to “The Young and the Restless”, this is a glossy, campy soap with fast-paced storylines about beautiful people behaving badly.

The series focuses upon the Forrester family and its fashion, ‘Forrester Creations’. Spectra Couture is Forrester’s main rival, headed by Sally Spectra.

At the helm of Forrester is the very weak Eric, who is nothing without his strong wife Stephanie and his two sons, Ridge and Thorne. Daughter Kristen is seen less often, while daughters Bridget and Felicia are currently integral parts of the show but have little to do with Forrester Creations. At Spectra, Sally is helped by her daughter Macy and Sally’s receptionist, Darla.

Another key plot element in the serial is the life of Brooke Logan. Brooke has been the heroine of the show during the entire history of the serial. Originally from a middle-class background, her love affair with Ridge Forrester set up much of the storyline beginning in the first season.

The show has a number of unique characteristics that set it apart from other American soaps. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL has the largest foreign audience of all the American soaps – it is seen in almost 100 countries around the world by more than 300 million viewers – and now Kiwi viewers can catch their daily update of the glitzy goings on in the BB world every weekday at 4.00pm.