The Chawners’ Last Chance

8:30pm Thursday, May 3 on TV One

Reality television sensations, the Chawners, have been given all the tools to take control of their lives over the past two seasons, but the family remains overweight and out of work. Now, the Chawners will have to prove that they can regain control of their lives without any help.

Tonight, Mark Sainsbury features in this episode of The Chawners’ Last Chance as Close Up interviews them about their reputation as Britain’s fattest family, which screened on New Zealand television last year.

The Chawners are excited to talk to their New Zealand fans because according to mother Audrey – “the whole country adores us”, even though daughter Emma points out they are only famous in New Zealand for being fat.

During the interview, Mark Sainsbury hits them with hard questions about their weight loss, job prospects and even their sex life, but Audrey is enamoured by Mark who she says is a very nice person – even though he asked some awkward questions.

Emma creates controversy during the live cross as she debates some of Audrey’s answers on-air. Emma exposes Audrey’s lies and divulges the family’s real exercise regime, and what happens when the cameras are turned off.