The Chopping Block

FOOD TELEVISION – Wednesdays from 1 December, 8.30pm

The Chopping Block returns with a second series, putting restaurants against each other to impress a food critic and win a dishy prize of $20,000. Each week on The Chopping Block two different restaurants receive a review by a top-secret critic. Then, with a budget of $5000 and advice from Australia’s top chef, Matt Moran, they close their doors for 48 hours to overhaul everything, from menus and service to d�cor in an effort to win over the food critic and pocket the cash!

Tuesday 7 July, 7.30pm

Marco is sending his contestants back to the basics this week on The Chopping Block with his inspiration coming from the common kitchen.

The one remaining couple in the black team, and two couples in the red team, are challenged this week to run two services, breakfast and lunch. Looking to teach his contestants a lesson in simplicity, with food which is quick, simple and tasty, Marco has chosen two traditional favourites, deviled kidneys for breakfast, and fish pie for lunch.

None of the contestants have ever heard of the dishes and now they must re-create them in one hour. Tune in to see which two teams will make it through to the next round and move one step closer to winning the ultimate prize, the restaurant of their dreams.

Tuesday 2 June, 7.30pm

Three-star Michelin chef and restaurateur, Marco Pierre White, offers eight couples the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to compete for a $250,000 prize in a sizzling new cooking challenge, on TV2’s brand new series, The Chopping Block.

A rock star among international chefs, the quick witted – and quick tempered – White (UK’s Hell’s Kitchen), oversees a competition in which two teams of four couples are given two empty New York City restaurant spaces, side-by-side, and directed to accomplish a number of tasks, including designing an eatery, menu planning, and advertising their restaurant to draw the biggest opening night crowd possible.

A panel of professional food critics will be on hand to take stock of the inevitable chaos of each group’s opening night, and to offer their reviews on the performance of each team. The next morning White serves up the good – and bad – news as one couple from the worst-performing team must remove their aprons and go home. When the dust settles, the couple that makes it through the madness will get to open the restaurant of their dreams.