The Cowra Breakout

Channel Premiere: The Cowra Breakout (Episodes 1&2)

The History Channel – Sunday 19 August, 10.30pm

From the award winning producers Kennedy Miller, this exciting mini-series recounts one of the most bizarre and least understood episodes in the bitter history of the Pacific War. In the early hours of August 5, 1944, 1000 Japanese prisoners staged a breakout from a P.O.W camp near the small New South Wales town of Cowra. Armed with the most primitive of weapons, they charged over the barbed wire into Australian gunfire. 334 actually escaped. Twenty Japanese had already committed suicide within the compound. Another 180 odd died during the breakout itself along with 4 of the Australian guards. The breakout at Cowra was the largest prison break in history and the only land battle fought on Australian soil in two World Wars. The full story of Cowra was not revealed for more than 30 years and airs for the first time on The History Channel. The cast includes Alan David Lee, Tracy Mann, Max Cullen and Junichi Ishsda.