The Darling Buds Of May

ARTS CHANNEL – Tuesdays from 6 January, 8.00pm

Starring David Jason and Catherine Zeta Jones, The Darling Buds Of May is based on the popular series of books by H E Bates. The series follows the adventures of the indestructable Larkin family as they guard the secret of how Pop Larkin makes his money from the intrusion of Charlie Charlton (Philip Franks) the new Tax Inspector.  “Perfick” – The Larkin’s have arrived. Into their idyllic lives steps Cedric Charlton (PHILIP FRANKS) the mild-mannered tax inspector that has come to check on Pop Larkin’s (DAVID JASON) non-existent accounts. However, he is distracted from that task by the beautiful and flirtatious Mariette Larkin (CATHERINE ZETA JONES).