The Dead Zone

Tuesday 5th August at 9.30pm

An autistic boy visits Johnny and implores him to help his father, a policeman who has been mistakenly placed on death row for allegedly killing a colleague.

Johnny’s ability to alter fate is put to the test when he meets a young woman with psychic abilities of her own.

The Dead Zone Trivia

Anthony Michael Hall is the only actor to appear in every episode.

The show’s creator, Michael Piller, also co-created Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, of which Nicole de Boer was also a cast member.

David Ogden Stiers is often given small roles in Woody Allen films.

THE DEAD ZONE, Tuesday 22nd July at 9.30pm on PRIME

Tuesday 15th July at 9.30pm

Based on the story from the best-selling novel by Stephen King, The Dead Zone is a unique psychological thriller that combines a rich mix of the paranormal, action, and a continuing quest for justice.
After a near-fatal car accident that left him in a coma, Johnny wakes to find that the world he knew has changed irrevocably.

His childhood sweetheart has married someone else, his beloved mother has died and he has a son.

However, something far more fundamental has changed too – he now has psychic powers, an ability to predict the future and see into the past.

Anthony Michael Hall first gained the adoration of the public in the 80’s classics Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club.
He was also a cast member of Saturday Night Live for two years, where he is still the youngest cast member in the history of the show.

Based on characters from a Stephen King novel, this series focuses on Johnny, injured in a near-fatal car crash he awakens from a six-year-long coma with extraordinary psychic abilities. All new episodes.