The GC

MediaWorks TV have released their new season lineup for 2015 online tonight, with some new shows coming that you’re bound to be looking forward to.

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The second season of The GC ended last night with the highest rating episode of the series.  An average audience of 221,670 viewers tuned in for the Gold Coast Maori last outing for 2014.

It was a far more consistently rating series second time around but the numbers were still well down on the first season.

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It’s been a while since we looked at how The GC was doing so after 6 weeks, where are things at?

Well, after slowly climbing in numbers each week, last week saw the show drop to a new low while last night practically mirrored last week’s average audience.

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If there is anything you can say about The GC, it’s that those who watch it appear to be pretty dedicated to it.  The second season, while it is down more than a third on the first, the numbers for the second season are reasonably consistent with each week delivering about the same, if not more viewers, than the previous week.  This week’s average audience was 186,700 viewers.

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Monday saw The GC pick up an extra 4% on it’s poor start last week but the average audience of 185,810 viewers was still well done on 2012’s first season.

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When The GC debuted on TV3 in May 2012, there was an enormous uproar.  Despite the critics, it rated reasonably well.  The first season premiered with an average audience of 370,660 viewers while the entire 8 episode season enjoyed an average audience per show of 299,755 viewers.

Season 2 kicked off on Monday night at 8pm but the numbers didn’t even come close.  The average audience was a miserly 178,330 viewers.  This was down 52% on the first season premiere.

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Say what you want about The GC, but the fact that it returns to TV3 tonight without any funding from NZ On Air would suggest there is real commercial viability in the show.  (The show has received funding from Te Mangai Paho however) We can’t wait!

tame-the-gc-mwns2014Last night, Mediaworks announced what we can only assume is part of their line up for 2014 due to their ongoing negotiations with their output deal with Fox.  CEO Paul Maher told everyone that the deal was inches away but clearly it would be wrong to either announce or screen anything new while the agreement is still being put together.  There are rumors circulating that TV3 have lost Homeland, among others, but while the commercially sensitive negotiations are still underway, nothing is being confirmed or denied.

On arriving at Shed 10, it was fairly clear that The GC was returning.  Tame Noema was one of the waiters handing out drinks to everyone.

Guy Williams must be TV3’s go to guy for warming up every audience as it was he who herded everyone to their seats and got them ready for the presentation of the 2014 new season.

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the-gcLast year NZ On Air gave $419,408 to fund the production of the highly criticised and reasonably well rating The GC on TV3.  This year, Te Mangai Paho has come to the party with a budget that is almost identical to bring another wonderful season to our screens.

The Board of Te Mangai Paho has announced their funding decisions from the third and final funding round for the 2012 / 2013 year.

Chief Executive, John Bishara acknowledges there will be considerable interest in one of the funded programmes, “The GC”, which will screen on TV3 later this year.

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