The GC

Tame_TheGCGet ready for a whole lot more complaining.  The GC is returning to TV3 in 2013.  I can’t wait!

One of the most talked about local programmes of 2012 is returning to TV3.

Funded by Te Mangai Paho, the second series of The GC will again follow the lives of a group of talented young Maori, working hard and playing even harder on the Gold Coast.  Continue reading »

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has decided not to uphold a complaint against The GC, submitted by a viewer who found the themes of sex and alcohol consumption too much.

Jonathan Swadling complained to the BSA about the TV3 show, claiming it was inappropriate for the 8pm timeslot when children could be watching.

“A programme screened at 8pm should not be holding up heavy drinking and promiscuity as goals to work towards when becoming adults,” he said in is complaint.

“The role models presented are people who very few parents would be happy with their children becoming.” Continue reading »

What did the NZ Herald have to say about The Block NZ premiere?

“”[T]he Block a hit from the get-go… New Zealand’s next reality TV obsession has begun…already TV3’s top-rating programme in 2012…”

Stuff described The Block’s first two episodes’ ratings as “high”.

And about The Ridges? The NZ Herald says:

“More people tuned in for a re-run of Two and a Half Men last night than the debut episode of The Ridges.”

While Stuff‘s most read headline of the day says:

 “Ridges‘ ratings fail to impress”

So let’s set a few things straight: Continue reading »

First it was The GC.  Up next are The Ridges.  But who is going to be the next local celebrity to pimp themselves to TV programmers in the hopes of becoming a Kardashian?

Rumor has it that Maori entertainer Mika has been swanning around New Zealand Fashion Week with a film crew “filming a pilot”.

This begs some questions.  Is this the start of a new trend where those in the spot light open up their lives for TV viewers?  If so, who would you like to see?  Who would you not?

Paul Holmes?  Mark Sainsbury?  Charlotte Dawson?  I’m pretty sure both lists would be fairly similar.

It seems as though an hour on Intrepid Journey is no longer enough for celebrity exposure.

If you were one of those who hated The GC, thanks for not allowing that hate to manifest into a drama similar to what has unfolded in Sydney today.

Two of the cast of Network Ten’s show The Shire have been involved in a brawl involving a knife.

A Current Affair has obtained exclusive video of a knife attack and bashing of The Shire stars Vernesa and Sophie at a Sydney shopping centre. Continue reading »

The Aussies have just launched their own GC-style series in the form of The Shire, Channel Ten’s latest offering to the world of semi-scripted reality TV.

Set in the Cronulla area of southern Sydney, The Shire follows a bunch of young, attractive twenty-somethings who are far more tanned ‘n’ glammed than your average Australian.

Some members of the cast have already been disowned by the mayor of Sutherland Shire, who said: “Those two girls that are so tanned, they don’t even live in the area. I’ve never seen them before, no one has seen them before.” Continue reading »

Jay Gardner of Geordie Shore tweeted a photo of himself hanging out with The GC cast members Zane Houia, Rosanna Arkle and Jade Ruwhiu during his recent promotional trip to New Zealand.

The reality show cast members were booked in for a Monday night outing, which Houia had hyped up in the Sunday News over the weekend: “I’m not too sure what we will be doing, but hopefully we go out and party. Monday nights are a bit quiet, I’ve heard, but we’ll find something. We’ll be keen as to see how they do it [party]. We can’t wait, all four of us are excited.”

Gardner posted the photo on twitter, with the caption: “@zanehouia @rosannaarkle @jaderuwhiu @jessileenugent kicking back with the GC crew in New Zealand!” Continue reading »

Sherlock actor to guest on The Simpsons

Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch has scored himself a cameo role on The Simpsons. “I heard there was a part going in an episode,” he said. “I said, ‘I hate to muscle in here guys but could I record it?’ Next thing, I’m standing in a room with all those famous voices; Bart, Marge, Homer, Lisa.”

Clarkson becomes Idol’s highest selling singer

Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ has become the biggest selling American Idol single of all time. The single has surpassed Carrie Underwood’s ‘Before He Cheats’. Continue reading »

Jaime Ridge has emerged victorious in her boxing bout with The GC’s Rosanna Arkle tonight.

The Monty Betham-trained Ridge was declared the winner of the three round fight in a unanimous decision after landing the majority of the cleaner punches.

Both Ridge and Arkle are said to have tired noticeably as the fight progressed, with technique disappearing in favour of wild haymakers. Continue reading »

Let’s hope the actual fight between Jaime Ridge and Rosanna Arkle lives up to the war of words that has already begun.

The GC’s Arkle branded Ridge a “cheat” after it was alleged that Ridge had not lost the required weight for their boxing bout in July.

Arkle initially weighed in at 52kg and Ridge at 60kg, so the organisers asked both girls to respectively gain and lose weight in order to even up the fight. Continue reading »