The GC

New Zealand’s Shane “Mountain Warrior” Cameron will come face to face with the number 6 ranked Heavyweight in the world, Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett.

Up for grabs are the WBO Asia Pacific and WBO Oriental Heavyweight titles that Barrett won from David Tua in 2011. Those who remember Cameron’s loss to Tua in 2009 know that Shane has a lot to prove in this bout, and he’ll mean business. But has he got what it takes to beat Barrett, a seasoned boxer who has fought four world champions and will come out with guns blazing? Continue reading »

The title track of TV3 series The GC has gone to #1 on iTunes NZ.
Vibrations (feat. Savage) - Vibrations (feat. Savage) - Single

Vibrations, performed and co-written by The GC star Jade Louise, and featuring RIAA certified platinum rapper Savage, took the number one spot after the final episode of the popular series, which screened on Wednesday night, showed Jade Louise recording the track.

One of the most talked about local series in years, The GC was an eight-part series that followed the lives of a group of talented young Maori, working hard and playing even harder on the Gold Coast. Continue reading »

After a very short six weeks, The GC has ended but before all those teary-eyed snivelers can finally put their handkerchiefs away I’d like to say a few words.

The GC was absolutely brilliant television.  It should win awards and accolades, if not for its storytelling, for its ability to set up the entire demographic outside of its target and have them gnashing their teeth.  The pilot had old, Pakeha media commentators frothing at the mouth over a single episode which they assumed would be representative of the entire series.  They whined about the pitch.  They complained about the investment.  If there was some way they could justify the fact that television shows should only be made for their demographic, they found it.

By the time the second week came around and the lives of the cast returned to normal, it was less about partying and more about, surprise surprise, being a Maori living on the Gold Coast.  It didn’t take long to realise that the producers had performed one of the biggest publicity stunts in New Zealand television history, and all those media commentators had taken the bait. Continue reading »

Fans will get the opportunity to decide exactly what The GC cast member Rosanna Arkle will be wearing when she fights Jaime Ridge in the ring.

The model will take part in a boxing match with Ridge on the undercard of Shane Cameron’s bout with Monte Barrett in July.

In true GC style Arkle, had initially claimed she would fight in just a bikini but has turned the decision over to fans who will get to choose between six “outfits” that she has pre-selected. Continue reading »

The creator of The GC has suggested many New Zealanders may not have taken to the series due to the fact it is portraying Maori in a different light.

Bailey Mackey has questioned whether criticism of the show is race-based.

“There is still a section of New Zealand that isn’t that keen to see Maori portrayed as doing well, and the heart of our show is young Maori taking control of their futures,” he said.

“I’d probably done 20-plus shows before it, but it will probably define my time as a broadcaster. It’s been successful on a number of levels, in terms of creating a debate around a number of issues, and in its depiction of Maori.

“You can make a series that talks about Maori and the statistics Maori are often the top of, but at the end of the day you don’t get attention for that. But you flip the coin and suddenly you get this massive response.”

Do you think Mackey has a point?




The GC

8:00pm – Wednesday, June 20 on TV 3

The GC, the local reality series which, over the last eight weeks, has followed the lives of a group of bronzed, beautiful and ambitious young Maori as they live the dream on The Gold Coast concludes its season on Wednesday, June 20 th at 8pm on 3. “Being part of The GC was really liberating,” series star Alby Waititi explains about the series that has made her a household name across New Zealand, adding; “Being able to share with the world who Alby Waititi is was a true blessing.”

“The GC has defiantly been a highlight in my career that I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to change for the world,” adds co-star Jade Ruwhiu.

“I feel blessed to have been given the chance to represent myself, my family and my heritage while achieving some of my lifelong goals and dreams,” Jade continues.

When asked what they’ve enjoyed most about the series, Alby says; “All the cast and the awesome time rolling around the Gold Coast with the crew who worked hard in making this show what it is today.” “I am so grateful to have met all of these unique people as well as our continued relationships that have grown stronger and stronger after the production has ended,” adds Jade.

But the question still remains – what’s in store for Alby, Jade and their GC friends in this week’s finale? Find out on Wednesday, June 20 th at 8pm on 3.

The GC has topped the list of the fastest-rising searches on Google in New Zealand for the month of May.

The TV3 reality series, which has been met with a mixed reception so far, has been searched 300 per cent more times than it was in April, according to Google.

Another TV3 series in Target also featured on the top 10 list, no doubt thanks to the infamous carpet cleaner incident. Continue reading »

TV3 have said they were unaware that the “Tahitian prince” mentioned on The GC this week was accused of defrauding $16m from Queensland Health.

Earlier this week it was reported that Joel Morehu-Barlow would be mentioned on the reality show as a potential blind date for Alby Waititi.

He broadcaster has since said they didn’t know the man was accused of fraud as at the time of filming the allegations were unknown. Continue reading »

Jaime Ridge will square off against The GC cast member Rosanna Arkle as part of the undercard to Shane Cameron’s bout against American Monte Barrett.

The fight will take place in July under the same rules as the Fight For Life charity event that saw CGW’s Haley Holt duke it out with surfer Paige Hareb.

“I want to do something outside of my comfort zone,” Ridge said at the press conference this week. “And I want to inspire girls if I can. I want them to feel empowered too – to take an opportunity when it comes up rather than sit back and do nothing.

“This a great challenge. It’s an amazing way to test myself. I am all about stretching my boundaries.” Continue reading »