The GC

The GC tonight made reference to a man who has been accused of defrauding more than $16m from Queensland Health.

Joel Morehu-Barlow was arrested late last year after fleecing the government department while working there between 2007 and 2011.

A TV3 spokesperson confirmed that Barlow was the “part-Maori Tahitian prince” mentioned on the show as a blind date for Alby Waititi.

Barlow failed to turn up for the date and did not feature in person on the show. Continue reading »

NZ On Air supports a diverse range of programming for all New Zealanders.

The GC was funded with the aim of showing positive, confident Maori in prime time on a commercial channel.

It appeals to a younger audience and the first episode was watched by more than 400,000 people with more than 40 per cent of Maori watching TV at that time watching The GC.

Subsequent episodes have continued to draw strong audiences.

Due to interest in The GC, NZ On Air is releasing the proposal for the series.  Once the series has finished screening NZ On Air will assess the results. Continue reading »

After a massive first week and then a drop off last week, how did the third episode of The GC do last night?

According to the ratings data we publish, after losing 81,180 viewers in its second week, The GC increased its rating by 8,440 viewers in its third week.

Of those who time-shifted the show, there were 24,030 viewers for the second episode compared to 17,490 for the first episode. Continue reading »

With all the [faux] outrage over The GC since it debuted, let’s play a little game.

What will the second episode of The GC rate on Wednesday night?  Perhaps we can get a GC prize pack to give away (TV3?) for the lucky winner!

Here are some numbers to help with your predictions:

TV3: 370,660
TV3+1: 42,700
VOD: 100,000+ (Watch it, you know you want to)
Time Shifted: TBA

What do you think the total audience of 5+ viewers for episode 2 of The GC will be?


Zane Houia

Date of birth : 16 August 1985

Height : 6″1
Weight : 95-98kgs
Eye colour : Brown
Hair colour : Dark brown
Number of years living in The GC – 2 years
Originally from : Hastings, Hawkes Bay
Occupation : Scaffolder
Having first shifted over to try his hand at becoming a pro rugby player Zane has now turned his attention to the Australian property market. By day he works alongside TAME on scaffold sites in the GC whilst working on his property portfolio by night. Despite his brawn he’s actually a romantic at heart and like many relationships between people in their twenties, he and Rosanna’s can be equally as explosive as it is fun filled. Continue reading »


Rosanna Arkle

Date of birth : 30 September 1988

Height : 5”6
Size/weight : 6 – 8 / 52kg
Eye colour : Brown/Hazel
Hair colour : Brown (blonde on the series though)
Number of years living in The GC : 4 years
Originally from : Whangarei
Occupation : Accounts Manager/ Part time Model

Facebook page

Rosanna is a glamour model who fills her days in as a promo girl. Originally from Whangarei in NZ she has lived on the GC for four years and has been going out with Zane for the best part of three years now. Despite her model like looks Rosanna is actually the mother hen of the whare and spends a lot of time worrying about others. Continue reading »


Jade Ruwhiu

Date of birth : 6 August 1987

Height : 191 cm
Weight : 100kg
Eye Colour : Hazel
Hair colour : Dark Brown
Number of years living in The GC : 5 years
Originally from : Havelock North / Hastings
Occupation : Business Owner / Investor
Jade moved to the Gold Coast 5 years ago and is the leader of the property pack. He is the one with property smarts and is an avid and knowledgeable investor. He provides wise counsel to Tame and Zane in most areas of life except for relationships! He and Jessi have an explosive relationship and when they drink it often brings up Jade’s insecurities. Continue reading »


Jessi Nugent

Date of birth : 22 January 1990
Height : 165cm
Size/weight : Size 8 / 54kg
Eye colour : Green/Hazel
Hair colour : Brown
Number of years living in The GC : Forever! Had a 6month stint in Perth but hated it so straight back here
Originally from : Toowoomba
Occupation : Property Manager/Glamour model
Property manager by day and party girl by night. Jessi and Jade have been seeing one another for nearly three years now and share the show, and the whare’s, most tumultuous relationship. Thanks to the encouragement of glamour model and best friend ROSANNA, Jessi is dipping her toes in the glamour model market.

Date of birth : 16 November 1984
Height : 175cm
Weight : 68kg
Eye colour : Brown
Hair colour : Brown
Number of years living in The GC : 6 years living/performing in The GC
Originally from : Rotorua
Occupation : Singer/Entertainer
NUZ is a one man entertainment machine. After starting out as a dancer he’s now making moves as a singer. He and JADE LOUISE made it to the bootcamp weekend on Australia’s X Factor and are now in constant demand. Most weekends you can find him at one of the GC’s hottest clubs, showing off his silky vocals and Peter Andre-like six pack.


Jade Louise

Date of birth : 15 June 1983
Height : 175cms
Weight : 59kgs
Eye colour : Green/Hazel
Hair colour : Dark brown
Number of years living in The GC : 21 years
Occupation : Singer

Facebook page

JADE LOUISEis a solo mother to Harlan (10 years old) and after concentrating on bringing up her son she’s now ready for another crack at the big time. Jade Louise is in constant demand, and when not performing she’s writing, recording and honing her skills. She’s had a taste of stardom on Australia’s X Factor and now she want more. Continue reading »