The GC


Alby Waititi

Date of birth : 6 November 1983
Height : 5’8
Weight : 85kg
Eye colour : Brown
Hair colour : Brown
Number of years living in The GC : 13 years 2 months
Originally from : Cape Runaway, East Coast of NZ
Occupation : Acting Coordinator for a residential care programme for Traumatised Young People, Club trainer and Personal Trainer for my Paddling Club (Te Waka)
Alby is a former New Zealand model who moved to the Gold Coast with dreams of making it big. He works as a mentor with kids at a youth centre but is also as a personal trainer which is how he knows the rest of our cast. He’s a massive dragon boat fanatic and is really keen – like most people on the GC – to stay in shape. Continue reading »

Date of Birth : 29 October 1991
Height : 184cm
Weight : 96.8kg
Eye colour : Brown
Hair colour : Brown
Number of years living in The GC : 3 years
Originally from : Innisfail

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Nate is the epitomy of a Mozzie – thick Aussie accent and all! However, clearly of Maori heritage Nate dreams big and talks even bigger. There’s a world out there and he wants to conquer it. From rapping to getting his drivers license, Nate applies the same level of misguided confidence that leaves the rest of the cast – and most likely the audience – gasping wondering whether he’s for real…well he is!


DJ Tuini

Date of birth : 27 March
Height : 174cm
Size/Weight : Size 8 / 55kg
Eye Colour : Brown
Hair Colour : Brown/Blonde
Number of years living in the GC : 25
Originally from : Upper Hutt
Occupation : DJ

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DJ TUINI is one of the hottest DJ’s in Queensland and a regular guest DJ at Shooters nightclub but local fame, isn’t enough she dreams of overseas club stardom and making big money.


Tame Noema

Date of birth : 20 July 1988
Height : 180cm
Eye colour : Brown
Hair colour : Brown
Years living in The GC : 3 years
Originally from : Upper Hutt, Wellington
Occupation : Scaffolder/investor

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TAME and his housemates, JADE and ZANE came to the Gold Coast as Rugby players and labourers. In their early twenties, good looking, gym buffed and entrepreneurial they have their pick of the Gold Coast’s most beautiful young women.

Tame has two passions in life – women and tattoos. A loveable rogue who has a silver tongue when chatting to the ladies, Tame’s hit rate with the opposite sex is impressive. He’s loved by all the cast and and it’s not hard to be won over by his charming ways. However, Tame is the only single one in their plush apartment nicknamed ‘the whare.’ This is the source of much between Zane, Jade and their respective girlfriends, ROSANNA and JESSI, as Tame is always trying to drag them on his chick-chasing escapades. Continue reading »

The latest group to voice their disapproval of The GC are Gold Coast Tourism representatives who are worried the show may put some New Zealanders off visiting the area.

With 174,000 kiwis visiting the Gold Coast last year, this country is the Coast’s largest overseas tourist market and there are fears that

The GC is promoting a kind of lifestyle that may put visitors off.

Gold Coast Tourism chief executive Martin Winter said: “We would prefer for The G.C. series to have taken a broader and more positive approach to the city by successfully showing the larger qualities of life in the region and avoid the cliched Jersey Shore format.” Continue reading »

The GC‘s pilot ratings came in with an estimated 370,660 watching the show.

It was the most-watched show on TV3 last night, with about 30,000 more viewers than 3 News.

How does this rating compare?

You could rightly point out that both TV2 and TV ONE had more people watching their shows on at the same time.

You could wonder why more people watched The GC last night than have ever tuned in to an episode of The Almighty Johnsons, or why more people watched The GC’s pilot than any episode this season of Go Girls, or why Outrageous Fortune didn’t achieve that sort of viewership until series three.

Or why only one episode of Campbell Live in the past year (Wheee! Live snow in Wellington!) had more people tune in than The GC‘s debut.

Or why only the season finale of New Zealand’s Next Top Model last year had more people watching than The GC.

Food for thought for “unpopular” headlines.

New Zealand’s reality TV show queen Julie Christie has done it again with what could well be her biggest show to date: The GC. Hate it or love it, you’re talking about it. You’re quoting it. And as to be expected, #TheGC trended worldwide.

I’ve no idea why promotional articles about the show were at such pains to say that it is nothing like MTV’s Jersey Shore or its official UK adaptation, Geordie Shore.

Let’s be completely honest about it: TV3’s The GC is completely and utterly our unofficial adaptation of those shows. Continue reading »

The GC premieres tonight at 8:00pm on TV3.

The title track of hotly anticipated new TV3 series The GC has been released as a single.

Vibrations, performed and co-written by The GC star, Jade Louise, features RIAA certified platinum rapper Savage and has been released by Frequency Media Group.

The single is now available to download from iTunes
Vibrations (feat. Savage) - Vibrations (feat. Savage) - Single

Writing and performing from an early age, Jade Louise has been living on the Gold Coast for 21 years and singing live professionally since 2007. She was a finalist on The X Factor Australia in the Top 12 Groups category in 2011.

The GC premieres Wednesday, 2 May at 8:00pm on TV3.


The GC

8:00pm – Wednesday, May 2 on TV 3

TV3’s brand new local reality series, The GC follows the lives of a group of bronzed, beautiful and ambitious young Maori as they live the dream on The Gold Coast. The GC premieres on Wednesday, May 2 nd at 8pm on 3. Forget the typical cultural stereotypes – this group of twenty-somethings are successful, focused on business and building their personal portfolios with a view of retiring in their thirties. It is not all work though – the Gold Coast is the ultimate party town for this work-hard/play-hard group. Glamour, gorgeous girls, hot guys and hopping between bars and clubs are the orders of business when the sun sets in this Australian paradise.

Known as Mozzies (Maori Aussies), The GC gang know a good thing when they see it and so far the Gold Coast hasn’t disappointed them.

Tame, Jade and Zane all came to the Gold Coast looking for opportunities that just weren’t available to them in New Zealand. They live together, play rugby together, work out at the gym together and all share the dream of turning their hard-earned labouring wages into a property developing empire.

Tame is the only single one in the group but Jade and Zane find it hard to resist his offers of fun-fuelled nights out, much to the chagrin of their girlfriends, Jessi and Rose. DJ Tuini, Jade-Louise, Nuz and Tate are chasing a different dream but hoping that the Gold Coast will prove fruitful for them too – they are hungry for fame. DJ Tuini hopes for international club stardom; while Jade-Louise and Nuz want a recording contract. Nate thinks he has got what it takes to be a rap star but will his ego get in the way?

Maintaining a beautiful body is big business on the Gold Coast and Cole and Alby are making the most of this growth industry.

Whilst adopting the G.C. way of life has become second nature to the group, they haven’t forgotten their roots – they wear their ta moko tattoos with pride, cite their tribal affiliations and infuse their conversations with a hybrid of G.C. slang and te reo Maori.

The GC guarantees hot hook-ups, explosive arguments, a shock revelation from one of the group about their sexuality, all-over tans, advice on how to score in a club and of course, a good amount of ribbing their Aussie neighbours. The GC premieres on Wednesday, May 2 nd at 8pm on 3.