The Indian Doctor

VIBE – Thursdays from 2 August, 8.30pm

In 1963, when a high-flying Delhi doctor finds himself stationed in a sleepy Welsh mining village, he quickly starts to realise things are not quite as they should be…

Dr Prem Sharma (Sanjeev Bhaskar, The Kumars at No. 42) and his wife Kamini (Ayesha Dharker, Coronation Street), befallen by family tragedy, are hoping to make a new life for themselves. That new life happens to be in the quirky village of Trefelin where Prem finds himself tackling adversity with charm, Kamini attempts to find any excuse to leave and the village finds that the Sharmas might be just what the doctor ordered.

VIBE – Monday 10 October, 9.30pm

The sleepy Welsh mining village of Trefelin is in for a shock. When the local doctor dies, his replacement isn’t quite what people expect…This charming comic drama series tells the story of Dr Prem Sharma (Sanjeev Bhaskar, The Kumars At No. 42), a high flying Delhi graduate who arrives in the UK in 1963 as part of the “first wave” of Indian doctors wooed by the then health minister Enoch Powell. Prem and his wife Kamini (Ayesha Dharker, Coronation Street) want to build a new life for themselves following a family tragedy, but rather than finding a job as a high-flying consultant in London, Prem finds himself in the Welsh coal mining village of Trefelin, much to Kamini’s disgust!

Life in the village is centred around the pit, and the Coal Board’s local manager Richard Sharpe (Mark Williams, from the Harry Potter films) is keen to welcome the new arrivals – but just what is he hiding? And as for the rest of the village, Prem soon finds himself besieged by locals keen to share their ailments with their new exotic visitor: “They have a mixed reception – which was the case at that time, particularly with small places,” says Sanjeev. “I spoke to a couple of doctors who arrived in Wales around then, and they were saying that the only black faces the locals had seen were ones coming out of a coal pit – and that washed off.”

However, cultural differences are slowly cast aside as Prem becomes involved in the lives of the locals: “The series is not really about race, it’s about a stranger coming into town,” explains Sanjeev. “Prem has chosen to be there and he’s pleased about it, but he has to tackle adversity with charm.” Get to know the Sharmas and the quirky inhabitants of Trefelin this October, exclusively on Vibe.