The IT Crowd

This isn’t your usual mundane acceptance speech as The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayode thanks those who helped get him to the podium.

The IT CrowdFinale special announced for The IT Crowd

A 40-minute finale special of The IT Crowd is being planned for later this year. Graham Linehan – the series creator – announced the news during a Q&A session at a digital conference this week.

The Office finale to run 75 minutes

The series finale of The Office is being supersized to run for an extra 15 minutes. The total runtime of the finale will now be 75 minutes. Continue reading »

Next IT Crowd series to the the last?

The IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan has suggested the series will end after its upcoming fifth season. “I think one more series to really say goodbye to the characters and the fans,” he said. “I’m not rushing into it because I don’t want it to be a zombie series where the show is dead but its body is still moving around.”

Bateman ready for Arrested Development movie

Arrested Development actor Jason Bateman says he is ready to “jump back in” to an Arrested Development movie. “I have no update at all,” Bateman says. “As far as I know, [creator] Mitchell Hurwitz is working on the script and he wants to start shooting at some point this year. So while I haven’t heard anything new, I haven’t heard anything that would contradict that.

Jersey Shore spin-off described as “pornography”

UK MPs have described the new British spin-off of Jersey Shore as “bordering on pornography”. The series, entitled Geordie Shore, premiered last week on MTV in the UK and drew extensive criticism from locals and officials who believed the series portrayed the area in a bad way.

Another Glee cast member going solo

Naya Rivera is the latest Glee cast member to begin work on a solo album after Mark salling and Michael Morrison. The actress, who plays Santana, will work with Columbia Records.

Gervais returning to The Simpsons

Comedian Ricky Gervais will return to The Simpsons for another appearance in yellow after first guest starring in 2006. Gervais will feature on the same episode as actress Halle Berry.

MTV renews new series

MTV has renewed new comedy series The Hard Times of RJ Berger for a second season. The first season of the show, which follows an American teen whose social life takes a major turn when he discovers he’s unusually well endowed, will hit NZ screens in September this year.

Actor departs Brothers & Sisters

Another series regular is exiting Brothers & Sisters in the form of actor Balthazar Getty who plays Tommy Walker. Getty will follow Rob Lowe and Emily VanCamp in leaving the drama series.

Elliott Gould to guest on CSI

Veteran actor Elliott Gould will make a guest appearance on CSI in the show’s upcoming season. Gould is expected to play a casino mogul who gets caught up amongst the CSI team when his casino becomes a crime scene.

Olyphant heading to The Office

Actor Timothy Olyphant has signed on for a guest role on The Office in the upcoming season. Olyphant will appear in at least two episodes of the comedy playing a character who will be installed as Michael’s (Steve Carell) new enemy.

American IT Crowd on the way

The creator of The IT Crowd Graham Linehan has confirmed that an American version of the UK comedy series will be made despite a previous attempt coming to nothing. A US version was developed back in 2007 with a pilot being shot but the project was eventually shelved by NBC.

UKTV – Fridays from 20 June, 9.30pm

The IT Crowd is a new sitcom from the creator of Father Ted and the producer of The Office. It centres on Roy, and Jen who make up the I.T. department of Reynholm Industries. However, while their social betters work upstairs in fantastic surroundings, Roy, Moss and Jen work in a horrible dark basement underneath. The series begins when the Roy and Moss’s unloved I.T. department is shattered by the arrival of new ‘relationship manager’, Jen – a young woman who knows as much about computers as your average 17th- century farmer. Roy and Moss are infuriated by Jen’s obvious lack of computer literacy, while Jen is equally enraged to be exiled to ‘middle earth’, the dingy basement where the I.T. department is located. However, it isn’t long before Roy and Moss realise that a female presence in their team can have its benefits…filmed on location and in front of a live studio audience, The IT Crowd is a surreal look at the underclass of a company.
Starring: Katherine Parkinson (Doc Martin), Chris O’Dowd (The Clinic), Richard Ayoade (The Mighty Boosh).