The Jaquie Brown Diairies

In our first post reviewing the world of TV in 2008, we reveal our favourite new kiwi shows on TV this year:

  1. The Jaquie Brown Diaries
  2. Off the Radar
  3. Burying Brian

Read on to find out why…

The Jaquie Brown Diaries
Kiwis love comedy but to pull off a successful home-grown comedy is incredibly rare. Jaquie Brown had just the right mix of cringe-factor, self-mocking, celebrity cameos and real world references along with quirky yet likeable characters. We just wish there were more than six episodes and we’ll be hanging out for the next six episodes to screen on TV3 in 2009.

Off the Radar
In a world where sustainable and green permeated our news, politics and conversations daily in 2009, this show could have simply been another TV show to jump on the bandwagon. Instead, Te Radar provided a fascinating and humorous insight into what living off the land really means. If you missed the series, check out the book.

Burying Brian
We watch a lot of pilots of shows and never follow them through to the end. Not so with Burying Brian – we really wanted to see if and how the women would get away with the Brian’s death.

Other notable mentions:

New Zealand’s Got Talent
Stars in their Eyes
Who wants to be a Millionaire NZ?

What was your favourite new NZ TV show in 2008? Let us know in the comments.