The Jaquie Brown Diaries

COMEDY CENTRAL – Tuesdays from 20 November, 8.30pm

Jaquie Brown is an egocentric and slightly volatile British TV reporter working as the light relief on a hard hitting NZ current affairs show. With the help of her morally bankrupt publicist Kim, Jaquie tries to claw her way up the media ladder, but her efforts are stifled by the arrival of a new reporter Serita, who seems to be stealing her thunder at an alarming rate. The Jaquie Brown Diaries takes a satirical look at the life of a C-grade celebrity and brings the society pages to frightening fruition as Jaquie spews on pedigree pets, starts a fashion show food fight and goes head to head in an uninformed live debate with the Prime Minister.

10:30pm – Friday, January 7 on TV 3

She’s finally done it. This week sees Jaquie wake up in celebrity rehab in the conclusion of 3’s encore screening of The Jaquie Brown Diaries, screening on Friday, January 7th at 10:30pm on 3.

“Celebrity rehab is exactly what it sounds like,” Jaquie Brown explains when faced with the question ‘what exactly is celebrity rehab?’. “It’s a special place that celebrities go to detox, unwind, and escape the pressures of fame. Think Yoga at dawn, group therapy sessions and trust games.”

Brown says that like many celebrities, the series finale sees her character in serious denial about her issues, especially those surrounding arch nemesis Serita Singh (Madeleine Sami).

“Sometimes they [celebrities] go willingly [to celebrity rehab] other times they are sent because their behaviour is so out of control they need help,” she explains.

“That’s how Jaquie ends up in rehab. After losing her job, losing Tom (Ryan Lampp) to Serita and being publicly humiliated she goes on a massive booze and drugs bender which sees her mix with some unsavoury characters that lead her astray. Kim (Hannah Banks) knows the only way to get Jaquie to see straight is to send her to rehab.”

While Jaquie enters rehab and her therapist tries to cure her of her mental instabilities, Kim uncovers some disturbing secrets about Serita. Brown explains these secrets will vastly contradict the innocent and wholesome image Serita has so far portrayed.

“I don’t think anyone saw it coming, not Kim, not Tom and not Jaquie,” she says of the revelations, adding; “Well maybe Jaquie. Well, me Jaquie, I did because I read the scripts ages ago.”

She does however say that despite her character’s suspicions, doubts, and mistrusts towards Serita, not even Jaquie (the characters) could have predicted the dozey that’s going to come out in the season finale.

She’s [Jaquie the character] always found Serita to be a thorn in her side but her motivation has been selfish,” she explains. “Now we can see that perhaps Jaquie wasn’t so wrong to mistrust Serita after all.”

This certainly sounds juicy… Make sure not to miss the secret that’s going to turn the C-grade celebrity world of The Jaquie Brown Diaries upside down when the series concludes its hilarious two-season run on Friday, January 7th at 10:30pm on 3.

10:30pm – Monday, December 27 on TV 3

The Jaquie Brown Diaries, going back to the series’ beginning on Monday, December 27th at 10:30pm on 3, sees former C4 and Campbell Live reporter, Jaquie Brown move into the world of fictional television when she portrays an insecure, status obsessed, light relief reporter on a hard hitting current affairs show.

The Jaquie Brown Diaries sees Jaquie trying different ways to raise her public profile in the media both through her own methods and those of her morally bankrupt publicist Kim Sharee.

As if all this stress wasn’t enough, she also has to deal with a new reporter on the show, the beautiful, funny and multi-talented Serita Singh (Madeleine Sami) whose journalistic style is strikingly similar to Jaquie’s and who seems to be stealing her thunder at an alarming rate.

Although the series takes a satirical look at the life of a C-grade New Zealand celebrity and brings the society supplements of the newspapers to frightening fruition, according to Jaquie, reality can indeed often be stranger than fiction.

“Many moments in the show have come from my own real life experiences, being recognised by my gynaecologist, interviewing rap stars that hated me and being called Jackie Clarke everywhere I go,” the star explains about her own struggles working in the media industry.

“Of course it’s not all autobiographical, I never punched Santa Claus in the mouth,” she adds.

This week’s series premiere sees our unlikely heroine’s first introduction to her new pretty Fijian-Indian colleague, Serita Singh, with which Jaquie discovers she’s been scoring low with ethnic minorities on screen and tries to do something about it.

So what tricks will Jaquie use to get [back] to the top? Find out when The Jaquie Brown Diaries screens weekdays at 10:30pm, premiering on Monday, December 27th on 3.

First it was the announcement that Petra Bagust had been poached for Breakfast and now award-winning comedian Jaquie Brown is defecting to front was is rumoured to be a parenting show.

35 year old Brown is due to give birth in February is excited about the change but isn’t commenting on the show’s details.

The show is rumoured to go to air in May.

An on-line, comedy sketch series to remedy the nearing Christmas panic and stress.     

Feature Film Production Company Four Knights Film, Tom Hern and James Napier Robertson (the team behind the indie feature I’m Not Harry Jenson) have been looking for the right way to try their hand at this alternate distribution model, and when emerging Kiwi comedy theatre writer Joel Herbert came to them with his concept for “The Rogers Family Xmas”, it seemed they had found the perfect fit. 

“We are and have always been focused on developing and producing ‘cinema’, but are also mindful of the constant evolution of the distribution models” says 4K Company Director and Producer Tom Hern. “We would be mugs to ignore the progression towards this online madness, and when Joel came to us with his over the top comedy concept, we felt it would be a bloody fun way to have a punt.” 

Four Knights Film got in behind Joel and his festive freak-show. Herbert also came on board to act on the smell of an oily production, playing a fruity, German spiritualist. The goal for the Rogers Family team – one million youtube hits across 11 Christmas comedy sketches; and a better understanding of the illusive direct-distribution system. 

Herbert’s sketches take place in and around a classic Kiwi family bach at Christmas time.  Herbert explains: “The family are complete nutcases. The comedy is ridiculous and ‘Christmassy’.  I relished in the fact that I knew that youtube audiences would want me to push the envelope.  I’ve certainly done that, and I’m pretty confident they’re going to dig this crazy shit.” 

Ex Shortland Street and The Biggest Loser star Karl Burnett shines in his role as pervy, idiot ‘Uncle Levi’. Adam Gardiner (Eagle vs Shark; Lovebirds), Rachael Blampied (I’m Not Harry Jenson; Go Girls), Hera Dunleavy, Simon Ward and veteran Mick Innes (Jacquie Brown Diaries; The Insatiable Moon) round out the cast.  

Hern says Four Knights Film is determined to a finger into the youtube pie: “Look at what Will Ferrell and Judd Apatow have pulled off with their Funny or Die site. Cinema is our number one priority, but with the entertainment game changing so fast and so many rules being thrown out the window, I think we could end up seeing the funny live and the rest die.  We don’t want to miss that revolution.”  

The writer behind The Jaquie Brown Diaries has added another award to his collection this year, winning Best Television Comedy Script at last night’s New Zealand Scriptwriters Awards.

Gerard Johnstone picked up two awards for the TV3 comedy series earlier this year at the Qantas Film and Television Awards.

TVNZ’s Bloodlines has also been honoured at the industry awards last night, taking out the prize for Best Television Drama Script for writers Donna Malane and Paula Boock.

Bloodlines, which screened earlier in the year, centred on the real life story of psychiatrist Dr Colin Bouwer who poisoned his wife.

Film awards were also handed out, with Briar Grace-Smith edging out Taika Waititi in the Best Feature Film Script category for her film The Strength of Water.

Source: Herald

This Wednesday the best of the country’s scriptwriters will be honoured at the New Zealand Scriptwriters Awards.

The ceremony, put on by the New Zealand Writers Guild, will be the first of its kind in this country, dedicated purely to the writers behind our favourite local TV shows, films and theatre shows.

“The whole awards come from us wanting to celebrate the achievements of our members, and to create a strong profile for writers in New Zealand,” says NZWG Executive Director Steven Gannaway.

The awards are part of a push by the NZWG to promote and gain recognition for the people behind the scenes who create these stories for us to watch on our screens and in theatres.

“One of the key things we’re looking to improve for writers is not only the rates they get paid, but their ability to retain control of their material, at least in the early stages of development,” said Gannaway.

Both local and international members of the industry have made up the judging panel for the awards.


Here is the full list of nominees:


Best Feature Film Script

Gaylene Preston Home By Christmas 

Mike Riddell The Insatiable Moon 

Briar Grace-Smith The Strength of Water

Taika Waititi Boy 


Best Short Film Script: 

Sam Peacocke Manurewa

James Blick Roof Rattling

Paul Stanley Ward Choice Night


Best Play: 

Pip Hall The 53rd Victim 

Natalie Medlock and Dan Musgrove Christ Almighty! 

Fiona Samuel Ghost Train


Best TV Comedy Script: 

Kate McDermott Go Girls (Series 2, Episode 9)

Gerard Johnstone The Jaquie Brown Diaries (Episode 4)


Best TV Drama Script: 

Rachel Lang Outrageous Fortune (Series 5, episode 17) 

James Griffin Outrageous Fortune (Series 5, Episode 16)

Donna Malane and Paula Boock Bloodlines

New Writer Award: 


Sam Peacocke Manurewa

Natalie Medlock and Dan Musgrove Christ Almighty!

Mike Riddell The Insatiable Moon


Industry Mentorship Award: 

Rachel Lang 

Roger Horrocks

Glenis Giles


Source: Herald

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