The Kick

the_kick_cast_051On Tuesday night I was invited to watch a preview of Great Southern Television’s latest tele-movie, The Kick, based on the story of Stephen Donald and the All Blacks World Cup win in 2011. Sorry for the spoiler. It was excellent. However, to provide you with some context, I probably need to preface this by saying that I am not a big fan of Rugby and that I believe New Zealand’s attitude towards the game is unhealthy and how we deal with defeat immature. I am often times embarrassed by the way the country mopes in defeat and finds it difficult to celebrate a good game being a good game. So much so that I tend to cheer on whichever team the AB’s are playing. But I digress…

What makes The Kick special is that it is more than just another telling of one of New Zealand’s more historical moments. It celebrates achievement and the journey getting there. It’s something we don’t do enough of as a country and I felt very proud watching this, more so for the fact that this was such a positive story about one of our true successes, one which we as a country have been striving for for decades. Continue reading »

david-de-lautourIn case watching the All Blacks isn’t dramatic enough at times, The Kick will no doubt add another opportunity to relive the dramatic tension of watching our national team play.

New Zealand born actor David de Lautour has been cast to play iconic All Black Stephen Donald in the upcoming TV ONE drama The Kick, portraying his role in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

With credits including Hart of DixieMomOnce Upon A TimeNCIS: Los Angeles and Beauty And The Beast, David returns from his base in Los Angeles to take up the role, which he says is a golden opportunity.

“Stephen Donald’s kick is an iconic moment in All Blacks history, and as a huge rugby fan, it’s an honour to be playing an All Black such as Stephen.” Continue reading »