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I must catch up on the third season of The Killing before the fourth season arrives.


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After being canceled after two seasons and then surprisingly being uncanceled for a third season and then canceled again, the six episode fourth season will debut on Netflix on the 1st of August.

good-wifegarycoleCole returning to The Good Wife

Gary Cole will return to The Good Wife again to reprise his role as ‘The Marlboro Man’ Kurt McVeigh. Cole has been on and off the series since season one.

Mad Men actress joins Castle

Mad Men’s Cara Buono will make an appearance in Castle playing a bar owner who crosses paths with Castle (Nathan Fillon) and Beckett (Stana Katic). Continue reading »

The Killing fans rejoice!  AMC’s The Killing is coming back for a third season!

After months of negotiations, AMC and Fox Television Studios have closed a deal to bring back previously cancelled The Killing to AMC for a third season. Negotiations with Netflix for a second window to the series are still ongoing. As part of the new deal with AMC, Veena Sud, who developed the adaptation of the Danish series and ran the first two seasons, returns as executive producer, writer and showrunner along with stars Mireille Enos (Sarah Linden) and Joel Kinnaman (Stephen Holder). After the show received backlash from viewers for stretching the resolution of the case from the first season into Season 2, the producers are committing that the new mystery in Season 3 will be resolved over the course of 12 episodes. Production on Season 3 begins February 25 in Vancouver.

9:30pm – Wednesday, October 24 on TV 3

Adored by fans and critics alike, The Killing’s mystery behind the murder of young Seattle girl, Rosie Larsen, continues on Wednesday, October 24 th at 9:30pm on 3. Praised for its storytelling and character development, The Killing follows the investigation into the murder of local teenager Rosie Larsen, with each episode covering approximately 24 hours.

“This show is trying to tell a story about these people,” The Killing star, Josh Kinnaman, who plays Detective Stephen Holder in the series, explains. “I think for audience, when you compare it to other crime shows, I think there’s a bit of insecure patience.”

“You’re not allowed to dive into depths and linger on everything [because] you’re afraid they’ll change the channel.”

Kinnaman’s co-star Eric Laden (Jamie Wright) adds that television viewers have a sufficient attention span to follow The Killing’s multiple plot threads.

“I hold audiences to a much higher standard,” he explains. The Killing continues on Wednesday, October 24 th at 9:30pm on 3.

9:30pm – Wednesday, September 5 on TV 3

Who killed Rosie Larsen? That’s the big question in The Killing, premiering on Wednesday, September 5 th at 9:30pm on 3.

Based on the Danish television series Forbrydelsen, The Killing focuses on the murder of a young Seattle girl, Rosie Larsen, and the subsequent police investigation.

But before finding out who is responsible for the murder, audiences will have to wade through the dark investigation, its well of complicated suspects, and the tragic aftermath for Rosie’s family.

“We’re following three storylines here, [focusing on] Sarah the detective (Mireille Enos), Mitch (Michelle Forbes) and Stan the parent, and then Darren Richmond the mayor (Billy Campbell),” The Killing star Brent Sexton, who plays the victim’s grieving father Stan, reveals.

“There’s these little clever things that are so human, that lead to assumptions, that lead to these actions, that lead to these consequences.”

The actor also suggests that individual episodes will not be standalone and encouraged viewers to watch the entire season.

“It’s never wrapped-up at the end of the episode,” he says. “There’s always questions. [You’re] always searching for answers.” Make sure not to miss the premiere of this thrilling new series when The Killing premieres on Wednesday, September 5 th at 9:30pm on 3.

The Killing has been cancelled

AMC has announced that The Killing will not be returning for a third season. The show had excellent ratings for the first season, but faced a backlash when Rosie’s killer was not revealed at the end of the first season. The season two finale was down 39% on the first season finale in the US.

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Carell to visit The Simpsons

Steve Carell will make a guest appearance on The Simpsons next year, playing the “tightly wound accountant” for mob boss Fat Tony.

BBC not firing Clarkson

The BBC has ruled out sacking Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson after around 32,000 complaints were received regarding Clarkson’s comments about striking public sector workers in the UK.

Longoria working on new series

Eva Longoria is said to be developing a new legal drama series for The CW network that would focus on a young lawyer who ends up going into business with her mother.

Moses joins The Killing

Desperate Housewives actor Mark Moses has signed on to feature in the second season of The Killing. The actor, who plays Paul on desperate Housewives, will take on the role of a new detective.

Lorre close to quitting

Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre has said he was close to quitting the sitcom after the uproar over the antics of Charlie Sheen. “I offered to quit the show last winter. I said, ‘Listen, if for some reason I’m now the Antichrist I’m happy to leave. It’s not in my interest to stop the show, and I certainly don’t want to put all these people out of work. Keep going. Get another guy. Don’t stop on my account.”