The Kitchen Detective

The Living Channel – From Tuesday 2 October, 8pm

We’re constantly bombarded with information about how best to eat, exercise and manage our stress levels.

Natalie Savona, writer and nutritionist offers in this series a no-nonsense guide to improving your life by making very simple changes to your diet.

Across the course of the series Natalie will prove that diet is the key to a massive variety of ailments and will attempt to cure everything from depression to insomnia – all with food.

Each episode will introduce the audience to a new ‘guinea pig’. These are all people who are suffering for some sort of physical or emotional ailment. People are always reluctant to make massive or difficult changes to their lifestyle and Natalie’s job is to help them on the road to recovery without them really noticing.

This informing series combines cookery with health in a format that will inspire viewers to start improving their life right now.

Packed with easy to follow ideas and simple solutions, The Kitchen Detective will put us all on the road to recovery.