I don’t know if anyone else out there misses this show, or even saw it- I discovered it purely by accident late one Monday night a couple of years ago. It came with no hype- no ads, no billboards, no buses- and it wasn’t glamorous, or didn’t try and be clever for it’s own sake, wasn’t trying to be some American or Pommie rip-off- in fact, it looked like it was shot on a quarter of a shoestring. And it couldn’t have been made anywhere else in the world. Period. But after watching five minutes, I was hooked.

It was called The Market and featured a predominantly Maori/Polynesian cast of new faces and old pros, telling a simple story about Love and revenge in the south auckland Markets. Most of the cast were also in the successful kiwi films Sione’s Wedding and No.2 and you could tell they relished their roles. The show was violent, funny, bleak, disturbing and heart-warming.

My only gripe was that when the series had to come to an end and I was looking forward to what would happen in the second series- the show was then nominated for 7 Film and TV awards-(I think it ended up getting an award for supporting actor) but to my dismay- any hope of a new series has disappeared. What’s up with that?! Too brown, perhaps?

If anyone out there misses this show like me, or managed to tape it, holla back, because no disrespect to Rude Awakenings or Outrageous Fortune or Insider’s Guide…I need my Market fix.

Peace, Kinky