The Middle

AnthonyAndersonTraceeEllisRossBlack-ishTwo hilarious comedies return to TV2 tonight – the warm and witty The Middle, and Black-ish, in which a father of four children contemplates if his success has brought too much assimilation for his African-American family.

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7:30pm Wednesday, December 19 on TV2


Frankie’s plans to have a simple holiday are threatened when her parents come to town to spend the 12 days of Christmas with the family. Guest stars Jerry VanDyke and Marsha Mason ham it up as Frankie’s hilarious parents in this Christmas special.


Against Mike’s warnings Frankie decides to throw a Christmas Eve party at the house; Mike buys Frankie a much needed new dishwasher for Christmas but has a hard time keeping it a secret when she begs him to replace the old one before the party takes place. Meanwhile Sue enlists Reverend TimTom (guest star Paul Hipp) to help her explain the meaning of Christmas.

Photo: Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher, Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn and Atticus Shaffer.

X Files actress joins cast of Once Upon A Time
Annabeth Gish, who played Monica Reyes on The X Files and Dr Anne Sullivan on Pretty Little Liars, has joined the cast of Once Upon A Time. She will play the leader of a pack of humans who turn out to be wolves, just like Ruby/Red Riding Hood.

Stockard Channing joins The Good Wife cast
Broadway, film and TV veteran Stockhard Channing (whose last major TV role was as Abby Barlett on The West Wing) has joined the cast of The Good Wife, as Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies) mother. Continue reading »

7:30pm Tuesday, July 17 on TV2

The Hecks get ready for a mid-western hoedown, when Mike’s (Neil Flynn) brother gets hitched, in the season finale of The Middle.

Frankie (Patricia Heaton) and Mike are surprised to receive an invitation to Mike’s brother, Rusty’s (Norm MacDonaled) wedding. But their surprise turns to panic when they discover he has listed the Heck house as the site of the ceremony…without asking them.

Meanwhile, Brick (Atticus Shaffer) is upset with Mike when he;s finally invited to a fellow student’s party, but is’nt allowed to go because it falls on the same day as the wedding.

7:30pm Tuesday, May 15 on TV2

A near death experience has the family declaring their love, while some shaky Valentine’s Day exchanges have some taking it all back in this week’s special double episode of The Middle.

Tonight, the family takes advantage of the Donahues’ new car, and a scary, close encounter with the car causes Sue (Eden Sher) to profess her love to her new boyfriend, Matt (Moises Arias).

Later, on Valentne’s Day, a hapless Sue can’t understand why he has suddenly turned into a bad kisser.

Meanwhile, Frankie (Patricia Heaton) and Mike (Neil Flynn) go out for dinner with friends to celebrate the day of love, but a clueless Mike angers Frankie by refusing to present her with a simple romantic gesture.

7:30pm Tuesday, May 1 on TV2

Keep your eyes on the prize! New Year’s Eve comes early in The Middle, and a superb feast will be rewarded to those who can stay true to their past resolutions.

After realising that no one keeps their New Year’s resolutions, Frankie (Patricia Heaton) decides that they will be assigned anonymously to each family member, and an all-you-can-eat buffet feast will be the reward for those who can abide by their chosen resolution for a week.

But chaos soon follows when the family struggle to keep to their agonising promises. Frankie (Heaton) must spend more time with Brick (Atticus Shaffer), Mike (Neil Flynn) needs to smile more, Axl (Charlie McDermott) has to keep his bedroom clean, Sue (Eden Sher) needs to stop trying out for things she’ll never make, and Brick (Shaffe) must stop reading all of the time.

7:30pm Tuesday, February 28 on TV2

Glee’s Chord Overstreet goes from student to teacher tonight when he guest-stars on TV2’s The Middle.

With Sue (Eden Sher) now in high school, Axl (Charlie McDermott) is totally embarrassed by her presence, and decides to play a mischievous trick on her, which earns his perfectionist sister a collection of tardy slips.

Meanwhile, Mike (Neil Flynn) sets a meeting with Brick (Atticus Schaffer)’s new fourth grade teacher, Mr Wilkerson (Overstreet), after learning that he’s allowing his son to skip gym class.

7:30pm Tuesday, February 14 on TV2

Your favourite dysfunctional middle-of-the-road family are back to rock the boat and give you a serving of more than your average amount of chaos in the brand new season of The Middle, premiering tonight on TV2.

In between juggling shifts and picking up fast food dinners eaten in front of the TV, Frankie (Patricia Heaton, Everybody Loves Raymond) and Mike (Neil Flynn) raise their kids with love and solid Midwestern practicality.

Axl (Charlie McDermott) is the oldest, a teenage jock who eats the family out of house and home and walks around in his underwear. Then there’s Sue (Eden Sher), their extraordinarily ordinary teen daughter who fails at just about everything she tries with great gusto. Finally, there’s Brick (Atticus Shaffer), their quirky third-grader, who reads constantly, whispers to himself and has a best friend who’s his backpack.

This week, Frankie insists the family take a few days of vacation before school starts, but Mike’s suggestion of a camping trip brings back bad memories of their honeymoon.

Goldberg to guest on The Middle

Whoopi Goldberg and Ed Asner have landed guest roles in The Middle. Goldberg will play a guidance counsellor while Asner’s role is yet to be announced.

No Desperate Housewives movie

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry says he has no plans to bring the TV series to the big screen once its final season screens this year. “After eight years, I think we’re done,” he said. “I’m happy about it. It’s not a bad thing. I feel very satisfied with where we are.”

Actors to host SNL

Actors Zooey Deschanel and Channing Tatum will host episodes of Saturday Night Live for the first time in February, it has been announced.

Community paying tribute to Law & Order

Comedy series Community will pay tribute to axed crime drama Law & Order in an upcoming episode. The sitcom will feature an investigation, transistions and sound effects similar to those used on Law & Order.

7:30pm Sunday, December 4 on TV2

It’s a special double episode as the series final of The Middle screens tonight on TV2.

As the summer holidays approach, everything starts rolling into motion. The local pool is opening, sending Sue (Eden Sher) into a frenzy to find the perfect bathing suit and pitting Axl (Charlie McDermott) against his arch nemesis for a position as a lifeguard.

But as Frankie (Emmy Award-winner Patricia Heaton, Everybody Loves Raymond) begins to congratulate herself on the end of another school year, she learns that Sue needs to prove she never took a sick day in order to receive a perfect attendance record, Axl hasn’t completed his 30 days of community service and Brick (Atticus Shaffer) has three days to complete a year-long project to avoid being kept back.

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