The Middleman

3:00pm Saturday, January 9 on TV2

The Middleman (Matt Keeslarm) and Wendy (Natalie Morales) must battle to contain a trout-eating zombie outbreak, this week in The Middleman.

After a newlywed turns into a zombie and attacks her husband on their honeymoon, The Middleman and Wendy are called in to stop the spreading of the disease before there is a nationwide zombie outbreak. After several cries for trout, they soon learn they are not hunting your typical undead creatures, but rather trout-eating zombies that have some suspicious ties to a new energy drink. Can The Middleman and Wendy put a stop to the energy drink distribution in time?

Elsewhere, Lacey (Brit Morgan) and Noser (Jake Smollett) feel abandoned by Wendy when she bails out on helping set up their annual art exhibition. Is her crazy new job destroying her private life?