The Million Pound Property Experiment

Mondays from 16 March, 9pm on LIVING CHANNEL

British designers Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister are given £100,000 and in just seven property purchasing moves, they have to make it to a property worth £1million. All proceeds go to Children in Need, but it’s a venture destined to be fraught with difficulties…

It all begins in Harborne, Birmingham as Justin and Colin buy a two-bedroom terraced house, planning to modernise it whilst retaining its Victorian charm. They make a profit of £15,000 and are on the first rung of the property ladder.

Following purchases in Stratford, Bristol, Harrogate and Edinburgh, the dynamic duos’ last challenge falls on Belgravia, London. Here they buy a dated three-bedroom terraced cottage and turn it into a bright, spacious, two-bedder with extended living space.

Can the boys pull off the challenge and top the million-pound mark? While the dynamic duo’s unique design skills are inspiring and innovative, watching Justin and Colin’s behaviour is just as compelling.

Over-dramatic, loud, highly-opinionated and prone to hissy fits, this is the programme that helped establish them as one of TV’s most watchable couples.

Friday 2 May, 8.30pm

Flamboyant design duo and business partners Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan take on the challenge to buy, renovate and then sell at a profit seven homes across Britain, climbing the property ladder from £100,000 to £1,000,000 over two years.

In their previous TV series House Call, Big Strong Boys and Trading Up, Scottish interior designers Colin and Justin transform hard-to-sell homes into hot properties. They are confident their experience will enable them to pick undervalued properties ripe for improvement.
But there are no guarantees. The UK housing market is complex, people in the building trade deal in facts and plain speaking, and Colin and Justin soon discover they cannot have everything their own way. Cameras are with them at every stage of the process, charting the anger and frustration, joys and triumphs. And their continuing problems with sensible, long-suffering project manager, Nigel Leck.

Looking at every room in the house, as well as outside spaces, Colin and Justin decide on the best changes to make to a property to increase its value. However, theory is easy, will it work in practice?

Things go wrong right from the start. Colin and Justin pick a likely property in Birmingham, but fall out with Nigel, over the design of the kitchen; and fail to find a decent plumber anywhere. “Dodgy neighbours, hidden wells, economic uncertainty… You name it, we’ve had it,” says Justin.

Other makeovers include:
• a London flat riddled with damp, at a time of a national plaster shortage
• a garden flat in Bristol which makes Justin cry and stamp his feet
• a period property in Harrogate, given a far too contemporary twist
• a three-storey Victorian villa in Edinburgh – with seven bedrooms and dry rot
• an 1830s house in London, which eats more money than it might make.

The final programme is a look back over their experiences and what they have learned. After paying back what they have borrowed, have they made any money on their houses? The boys certainly hope so, as any profit goes to charity.