The Nanny

Midsomer Murders creator suspended

The creator of Midsomer Murders has been suspended following comments made regarding race on the drama series. Brian True-May said in an interview: “Well, we just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. It just wouldn’t work. We’re the last bastion of Englishness and I want to keep it that way.”

Valderrama joins pilot

That ‘70s Show actor Wilmer Valderrama has signed on to feature inn a new drama pilot called REM. The actor will play a detective in the pilot, which is being billed as an “Inception-esque thriller”.

Chenoweth joins Good Christian Bitches

Actress Kristin Chenoweth has joined the new ABC pilot Good Christian Bitches, which focuses on a recently divorced mum’s move to a small Texas town. Not surprisingly, the pilot has attracted criticism from religious groups who are offended by the title.

Drescher close to TV return

Fran Drescher is nearing a return to TV with news the actresses latest project is close to receiving a series order. The Nanny star and her patented whine feature in the sitcom pilot called Happily Divorced, which is autobiographical for the actress following her split from her husband and collaborative partner last year.

Banksy leaves his mark on The Simpsons

Prolific British graffiti artist Banksy has left his mark on the famous title sequence of The Simpsons by directing a special intro to the popular cartoon. Banksy left his tags all over the streets of Springfield during the sequence as well as featuring an extended sweatshop sequence which points to the fact that Fox outsourced a bulk of their animation to a company in South Korea.

Lady GaGa Sopranos clip surfaces

A clip of a 15-year-old Lady GaGa appearing in the background of a scene in The Sopranos has hit the internet. The singer appears in a scene with Tony Soprano’s son AJ by a swimming pool, with her sitting in the background eating pizza with other minor characters.

Drescher lands chat show

Fran Drescher has signed a deal to feature in her own daytime chat show, with an initial testing period of three weeks. The former Nanny actress will launch the show on America’s Fox network and should it get picked up, that voice may be pouring from our screens in the future.

Doctor Who to shoot in the US

The next season of Doctor Who will feature a pair of episodes that will be shot in the Utah desert. The BBC show will head to the States to shoot the first two episodes of the new season, taking the full cast with them.

It seems from what I’ve read in next weeks TV Guide that The Nanny seems to be going back to the beginning from the look of it.

This would make The Nanny, TV’s new Friends, in regards to re-runs… or it will be should it be re-run a third time, or forth… etc.

It was bad enough having The Nanny on during day time on TV2, now they’ve shifted it to 6pm, right before the never-ending repeats of Friends? 6-7pm is truly the pits on TV2 now.

The below shows are finishing on TV2:

-Foreign Exchange Saturday 23 June

-The Nanny Monday 25 June

-Toddworld Tuesday 26 June

-ER Wednesday 27 June

-Hope in Hell Thursday 28 June

Friday 29 June Finals