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Ever since Mediaworks announced that Campbell Live was to end, a concerted effort has been mounted against them to boycott the channel. A decision that is sheer stupidity.

I’m not entirely sure what the boycott is hoping to achieve. John Campbell has taken his settlement and departed. He’s not coming back.

TV3 also have a number of other current affairs shows. The Nation on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and 3D as part of their early evening Sunday night line up. Both perform poorly. Continue reading »


This weekend on The Nation… with dairy prices falling, China growing its agriculture sector, and the environmental costs piling up, we ask the Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings if New Zealand is too dependent on milk powder and if we’ve almost reached ‘peak cow’.

Then, with the latest round of Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations taking place in Australia, our reporter Torben Akel takes a look at the pros and cons of the agreement for New Zealand and the likelihood of striking a deal at all.

And Tribal Huk gang president Jamie Pink runs a sandwiches in schools programme and thinks everyone should get involved in helping hungry children. We’ll ask him what drove him to start the programme and what he thinks the government should do about child poverty.

We’ll discuss all this and more with our panel: Hive News founder Bernard Hickey, Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly and former Act MP and Medicines New Zealand chair Heather Roy.

The Nation screens Saturdays at 9:00am and 10am Sundays on TV3.


This weekend on The Nation… New Zealand has been elected to the United Nations Security Council, but what happens next? Lisa Owen interviews Foreign Minister Murray McCully from New York about our goals for reform, what America wants from us in the fight against Islamic State, and what victory against the jihadists looks like.

Then, in the first New Zealand television interview about her new book, the former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard talks about leadership spills, being a woman at the top, and the terror threat to Australia and New Zealand.

And with Prime Minister John Key laying out the timeline for the flag referendum this week, we debate the pros and cons with the Returned and Services Association president BJ Clark and tech innovator Ian Taylor. Plus, we have some of the best alternative flags in the studio.

We’ll discuss all this and more with our panel: freelance journalist Jon Stephenson, constitutional lawyer Mai Chen, and public relations consultant Trish Sherson.

The Nation on TV3, 9.30am Saturdays and 10am Sundays.


This weekend on The Nation… Prime Minister John Key gives his first long-form interview after being sworn in for a third term. We’ll ask about his new focus on housing and child poverty, and whether New Zealand boots will end up on the ground in Iraq or Syria.

Then, with a week until the United Nations vote on New Zealand’s bid for a Security Council seat, what’s the inside word on our chances? Lisa Owen talks to international affairs analyst Jeffrey Laurenti from New York.

Labour MP and former UN staffer David Shearer gives us his perspective on the vote and the Labour leadership race. And then there were three….the would-be Labour leader, MP Andrew Little, shares his vision for the party.

And with a star rating system for food about to hit the supermarket shelves, Lucy Warhurst investigates whether it will work.

We’ll discuss all this and more with our panel: Metro editor Simon Wilson, PR consultant Matthew Hooton, and former Green MP Dr Sue Bradford.

The Nation on TV3, 9.30am Saturdays and 10am Sundays.


This weekend on The Nation… the ink is drying on John Key’s support deals, but what will they achieve? Lisa Owen talks to Act’s David Seymour, United Future leader Peter Dunne and Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell about their new jobs and what’s in store for the next three years.

Then Labour MP Andrew Little fronts up with his prescription for Labour’s rebuild. And, if he stays in Parliament, could he be a dark horse entry in the leadership race? Continue reading »


This weekend on The Nation… Labour’s had its worst election result in 92 years, so what happens next? We’ll talk to former Labour president Jim Anderton, CTU president Helen Kelly, and tech entrepreneur and past donor Selwyn Pellett about the party’s future direction and the leadership.

Then, with an unprecedented majority, our reporter Torben Akel examines what’s at the top of National’s to-do list during its third term. Continue reading »


This weekend on The Nation… in a New Zealand exclusive, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald talks about the Snowden leaks, how New Zealand is involved, and what Kim Dotcom might have up his sleeve for his “Moment of Truth.”

Greenwald is just part of our special hour and a half long pre-election show. We’ll talk to John Key, David Cunliffe, Russel Norman, Winston Peters and Colin Craig about key policies and who gets to call whom on the morning of September 21. Continue reading »

q_a_logo_2013_N3Yesterday morning, Q+A drew an average audience of 150,570 viewers. For 9am on a Sunday, those are reasonable numbers. As David Finch pointed out in the comments earlier, is it time we had a serious current affairs program in prime time, even it were only during an election?

In Australia, the ABC screen their own version of Q+A on Monday evenings so why, when so much taxpayer money is dumped into shows like Q+A and The Nation, do they get seconded to off peak viewing? Continue reading »


On The Nation this weekend… Is there a housing crisis, and what should we do about it? National and Labour housing spokespeople Nick Smith and Phil Twyford go head-to-head on affordability, foreign ownership and capital gains taxes.

And with the fallout over Dirty Politics causing movement in the polls, we talk to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and Conservative Party leader Colin Craig about what happens now they’re inching closer to five percent. Continue reading »


On The Nation this weekend… What matters more: the environment or economic growth? National’s environment spokesperson Amy Adams debates water standards, dairy farming and the Resource Management Act with Green Party co-leader Russel Norman.

We delve more into dirty politics and ask whether Labour and the Greens can come up with a coherent economic plan.

We’ll discuss all this and more with our panel: 3News political editor Patrick Gower, Fairfax political reporter Andrea Vance, and the New Zealand Herald’s investigative journalist David Fisher.

The Nation on TV3, 9.30am Saturdays and 10am Sundays.