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MTV announces US version of The Inbetweeners

MTV has ordered a pilot for a US version of UK comedy series The Inbetweeners. Casting is underway for the series, which centres on four awkward teenagers as they negotiate the perils of high school.

Old Bachelor gets another shot

The next season of The Bachelor will uses a Bachelor who has already blown his shot at on-screen love. The producers of the reality show have decided upon season 11 Bachelor Brad Womack to return for another shot at finding a wife. Back in 2007, Womack controversially decided to choose neither of his final two women on the show’s finale.

The O.C. duo to work on new series

The O.C.’s Rachel Bilson will reunite with the show’s creator Josh Schwartz on a new pilot which has been picked up by NBC. Unfortunately it looks as though the project is following The Ghost Whisperer and centring on a young woman who communicated with the dead.

Australia’s Next Top Model fail

A massive blunder of the season finale of Australia’s Next Top Model across the ditch has seen the show’s host crown the wrong contestant the winner during a live finale. Host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner, who preceded to begin her thank-you speech, before Murdoch received the correct info in her earpiece and was forced to awkwardly make the correction.

Season 4 of The O.C. is finally out on DVD in New Zealand. The final season featuring some of the best episodes, is available at all retailers now!

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The DVD includes all 16 episodes plus:
* Unaired Scenes
* Josh Schwartz Commentary on the Series Finale
* The Magic that is Chrismukkah: Cast, crew and religious experts weigh in on The O.C.’s distinctive holiday celebration
* Summer Roberts – Beauty Meets Brown: The creation and evolution of one of the show’s most lovable characters

In even better news The Complete Series will be available in a special box set which includes all 92 episodes:
* Season 1 remastered in Widescreen
* Over 6 1/2 hours of Special Features
* 2 rare bonus discs
* Season 4 gag-reel
* ‘Atomic County’ excerpts
* Lavish “book” package

No release date has been set yet.

VIBE – Thursdays from 4 October, 9.30pm

A gritty and melodramatic series starring Benjamin McKenzie and Mischa Barton, about a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks, who is thrust into a world of shifting loyalties when he arrives in Orange County.

The O.C. beauty Kelly Rowan, who plays the wealthy California matriarch Kirsten Cohen, is reportedly engaged to Canadian media mogul David Thomson. The Canadian-born actress is 41 years old and has had a long career as a model and as a Gemini award-winning actress.

This is one starlet that can afford to live the lifestyle now, after snagging the head of Thomson Corp., a large media empire fronted by her fiance.

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The OC
Friday July 6, 10.40pm

The OC – just like Beverly Hills 90210 before it – has created fashion trends, buzzwords and made stars out of its gorgeous young cast. Don’t miss the final season of TV2’s sizzling drama.

High school seems like a distant memory to the young graduates in wealthy coastal community Orange County. They have been thrust into adulthood after the heartbreaking death of their friend Marissa (Mischa Barton).
Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) turns to cage-fighting to dull the pain of losing Marissa. Sandy (Peter Gallagher) returns to the Public Defender’s office, and he and Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) reach out to another troubled teen, but this one is not a stranger. It’s Marissa’s little sister, Kaitlin (Willa Holland), the number-one troublemaker at Harbor School, and too much to handle for her mother Julie (Melinda Clarke), who’s off making some trouble of her own.

Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) attends Brown University in Rhode Island, where she has reinvented herself as a left-leaning, tree-hugging activist. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) is working at a local comic book store… and hanging out with the local socialites for stimulation.

Star Rachel Bilson is enjoying her character Summer’s metamorphosis from pampered California girl to heartfelt hippy: “I really like the direction they’ve pointed her in. Dealing with her best friend’s death, she turns into sort of a tree hugger, which I think is nice to see on a TV show, especially as with such a young audience that it might raise awareness [for environmental issues].”

Bilson, who has graduated to starring roles in movies such as The Last Kiss with Zach Braff, is grateful for her big break in The OC. “I am so thankful to [series creator] Josh Schwartz because I was a guest star and didn’t have that much to do. He just kept writing me great stuff and I had the opportunity to do that. It was, honestly, the best thing that could happen to me and it was definitely life-changing for me personally and professionally. So I’m just grateful for it all and I’ve had so much fun with the character. I love everything she gets to do, especially the comedic stuff. It’s nice to practice your comedic skills once in a while, and so I think I’m very fortunate.”

The final season of The OC starts Friday, July 6, at 10.40pm on TV2.

Warner Brothers have announced the final season of The O.C. will be released on May 22 in the US and will include the final 16 episode of the show – no word yet on the special features.

The OC Season 4 DVD
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How well do you think you know The O.C.? Find out by taking this quiz (caution: may contain spoilers about the final season).

Watch the final ever episode of The O.C. here!!

Mika’s song “Any Other World” is said to be the song for the final episode of The O.C. when it screens shortly in the US.

Here are the lyrics:

In any other world you could tell the difference
And let it all unfurl into broken remembrance

Smile like you mean it and let yourself let go
Cos its all in the hands of a bitter bitter of man

Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
Take a bow, play the part of a lonely lonely heart
Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
To the world you thought you lived in

I try to live alone but lonely is so lonely
So human as I am, I had to give up my defenses

So I smile and try to mean it to make myself let go

Cos it’s all in the hands of a bitter bitter man

Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
Take a bow, play the part of a lonely lonely heart
Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
To the world you thought you lived in

Cos it’s all in the hands of a bitter bitter man

Say goodbye to world you thought you lived in
Take a bow, play the part of a lonely lonely heart

Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in (repeat 4x)

To the world you thought you lived in
In any other world you could tell the difference

Check out this hot new photo of Wentworth Miller for a new GAP advertisement in the US wearing khaki.

In fact, GAP are bringing out a series of ads with different TV celebs, including Chris Brown (who is on the final season of The OC), Chris O’Donnell (Finn in Grey’s Anatomy), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin from Lost) and Kyra Sedgwick (from Brenda from The Closer).

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