The Old Guys

UKTV – Sundays from 17 July, 7pm

Two of Britain’s best-known comedy actors return in this odd couple sitcom from the writers of Peep Show and The Thick of It.

Housemates Tom and Roy may be past their prime, but they are not past fancying women, competing with one another, showing off, squabbling and getting into trouble. They may joke about bus passes and incontinence, but in spirit they are forever young and determined not to join the pipe and slippers brigade.

Series Two finds them still lusting after their sexy neighbour Sally, but now they have a potential rival. Rajan, owner of the local delicatessen, even beats them in the pub quiz, prompting Tom and Roy to join forces against him, but do any of them really stand a chance

with their cool, unattainable goddess?

Starring: Roger Lloyd-Pack (The Vicar of Dibley; Only Fools and Horses), Clive Swift (Keeping Up Appearances; Born and Bred), Jane Asher (Holby City; The Palace; Alfie), Katherine Parkinson (Doc Martin; The IT Crowd).

UKTV – Sundays from 11 July, 7pm

Older and wiser…apparently

From the writers of Peep Show and The Thick of It comes a new comedy about settling into old age with style.

Housemates Tom and Roy are the ying to each other’s yang. Roy is well-read, organised, clean and sensitive. Tom, well, isn’t. As both of them settle into retirement, they are faced with the prospect of life simply not turning out quite how they imagined.

Tom, a widower, retains a complicated relationship with daughter Amber, while Roy, childless, is

Almost over the fact that his ex-wife Penny left him for a man named Des nearly two years previously.

Despite all the heartbreak they remain well-rounded, emotionally stable individuals. Apart from Tom trying to force Roy to marry him for money, fighting over a courtesan from Belarus, and an extremely unhealthy obsession with their sexy neighbour, Sally.

Together, however, they manage to muddle through life – answering the important questions that retirement poses. Questions involving religion, true love and precisely how early is too early to start drinking in the day. Despite all the arguments, bickering and competition between them, their friendship is real and lasting. Who else can you turn to when your pound shop orange cajole turns your face the same colour, or when you discover the beauty and simple pleasure of watching the television through glasses made out of wafer-thin ham?

Original, funny and only a little distasteful – this new comedy, a modern-day The Odd Couple, takes a fresh look at retirement and the joys of growing old disgracefully.

Starring: Roger Lloyd-Pack (The Vicar of Dibley, Only Fools and Horses) and Clive Swift (Keeping Up Appearances, Born and Bred), Jane Asher (Holby City, The Palace, Alfie) and Katherine Parkinson (Doc Martin, The IT Crowd).