The Outlook

The Outlook, TV2’s critically praised GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual) series that looks behind the scenes of Express, New Zealand’s widest read gay publication, has become TVNZ ondemand’s most popular download after Shortland Street after only two weeks on air.

The Outlook, every Tuesday at 11.05pm, TV2.

The Outlook
Tuesday June 26, 11.05pm

The 10-part series, The Outlook, takes a journey through New Zealand’s GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual) culture through the eyes of its biggest gay publication, Express.

The Outlook is a part observational documentary series following the challenges Express faces getting to press fortnightly; and part magazine show focusing on the news, events, individuals and stories that are inspirational, interest and affect gays and lesbians in New Zealand.
The series also includes a gay programming first with the launch of The Outlook’s young programme makers initiative, New Outlooks, which has the backing of New Zealand On Air and TVNZ. Producer Glenn Sims says, “Our role as the programme makers who have been handed the baton of producing New Zealand’s GLBT show is to support and nurture young talent. We want to take the traditional employment route one step further and offer young, or inexperienced producers, directors, and writers the opportunity to showcase their work within the series. The unique format of The Outlook allows us to do just that.”

Screening Tuesday nights on TV2, Sims says, “The Outlook is a series of interest to the GLBT community, however it will interest anyone who has ever wondered about the challenges the free street press faces in going to print week after week.

“Our first episode takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Dancing With The Stars’ star Stefano Olivieri, featuring never-before-seen footage of Suzanne and Stefano preparing for the final. And, we take a look at the campaign for the judicial review for the provision of breast cancer drug, Herception.”

Follow the characters and processes involved in filling the pages of Express, Tuesday at 11.05pm on TV2.