The Paul Henry Show

TV3’s late night news program has slumped to it’s second lowest week since launching with an average audience of 62,296 viewers per night.

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After a disappointing start, Newsworthy enjoyed a 15% boost to its average audience last week, up to 67,908 viewers per night. While the increase on the previous week may have been as a result of the increased attention surrounding Colin Craig and David Farrier’s sauna together and the fallout from his subsequent resignation from the Conservatives, the numbers are still down 41% on last year’s Paul Henry Show.

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If it wasn’t for Friday’s high performing show, the average audience for the week would have been down more than the 10% on the previous week that it was. 47,012 was still one of the higher average audiences TV3’s early morning program has had.

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Last week was Paul Henry’s best week since TV3’s new early morning program began with an average audience of 52,362 viewers between 7am and 9am each morning.

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Last night Mediaworks finally rolled out its late night news replacement for The Paul Henry Show. Newsworthy, hosted by the talented David Farrier and Samantha Hayes, had been highly anticipated after more than six months of waiting for the show to go to air. Unfortunately the show failed to deliver the ratings TV3 would have been hoping on its debut.

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Hilary Barry reads some messages from our lovely 'fans'…

Posted by Paul Henry on Thursday, May 28, 2015

While there was a similar drop for both TV One’s Breakfast and TV3’s The Paul Henry Show last week, losing 12% of your already low audience isn’t going to be causing smiles at Mediaworks.

The Paul Henry Show dropped to the lowest audiences it has had since it began. The average audience was down to below 40,000 for the first time to 39,690 viewers between 7am and 9am.

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paul-henry-showWith a new current affairs show on the way for Mondays through Thursdays at 7pm on TV3, there are only a couple of options I can see working for the network. The first, and most logical, is giving the 7pm slot to Paul Henry. Considering it’s the gig he’s always wanted I can’t imagine him turning it down.

This would create a very interesting dynamic in the market. You’d have Mike Hosking on ZB up against Paul Henry on TV3 and Radio Live in the morning and then at 7pm it would be Hosking vs Henry again on TV One and TV3. As far as building an audience goes, this strategy would tend to have legs.

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"Buzzed out… what actually does that mean?" Beau Monga chatted to Paul Henry about how it felt to win, his first album and where he's going to be this time next year!

Posted by The X Factor NZ on Monday, May 18, 2015

After its sixth week, The Paul Henry Show has lifted it’s average audience by 9% on the previous week to 45,096 viewers per day between 7am and 9am. Monday’s show delivered the second highest average audience between those key hours since the show began. Meanwhile, Friday saw 6am-7am deliver an average audience that wasn’t only the highest the show has seen in that timeslot but the third highest rating block the show has had since its inception.

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