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After it was revealed the Rimutaka missing runner survived the night by drinking her own breast milk, Paul gave some great survival tits this morning – I mean TIPS #paulhenryRadioLIVE TV3

Posted by Paul Henry on Monday, May 11, 2015

TV3’s new early morning show has slipped another 7% this week with the average audience between 7am and 9am down to 41,312 viewers, the lowest The Paul Henry Show has had since it launched last month.

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Four weeks in and The Paul Henry Show enjoyed its first positive move on the previous week with a less than 1% gain on the previous week to have an average audience between 7am and 9am of 44,288 viewers.

Breakfast was up 2% on the previous week to an average audience of 135,300.

Paul Henry Ratings

So while The Paul Henry Show is delivering higher audiences than Firstline did, TV3’s new early morning program isn’t building, it’s shrinking.

The average audience for the last two hours of the show for the last week was only 43,962 viewers compared to 132,089 on TV One’s Breakfast. This was a 10% drop for The Paul Henry Show and a 12% rise for Breakfast.

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PaulHenryLogoLike many, I spend a bit of time in the car before 9am every weekday. When TV3 announced The Paul Henry Show was going to be a cross platform broadcast, I was excited about the potential around early morning media consumption consistency.

What is covered by each of the news networks is typically fairly similar but what isn’t is when they discuss each item. If you traditionally watched TV One’s Breakfast, there is nothing worse than hearing what is coming up but having to get in the car and flicking on a radio station to hear that they’ve already interviewed the prime minister about that topic you wanted to hear about.

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After two weeks of TV3’s new early morning program, The Paul Henry Show, the numbers are still looking better for TV3 than they were with Firstline, despite dropping in the second week.

The average audience for week two saw Paul Henry drop 11% to 48,676 viewers between 7am and 9am. This was still 86% higher than Firstline’s audience the week prior to Paul Henry’s debut.

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In a week where Campbell Live went under the pump for declining ratings, TV3 launched their brand new, cross platform early morning news and current affairs bulletin fronted by Paul Henry along with Hilary Barry, Jim Kayes and Perlina Lau. While Campbell Live’s numbers have been lower than they were, having them during the start of the day would be something can only dream of.

The first week of the show saw an average audience during 7am and 9am of 54,873 viewers per day.

Going up against the well established Breakfast was always going to be a challenge. TV One’s early morning show drew an average audience for the week between 7am and 9am of 128,076.

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I have a real issue with TV critics in this country. Usually they’re the type of person who was dumped with the task by some dimwitted editor who couldn’t find anyone with the smallest hint of interest in television to do the job. Additionally, the drivel they get published rarely offers anything insightful other than a glimpse at the hollow, dark and lifeless soul that produced it.

Now clearly Paul Henry has his fair share of haters. He’s a polarising character. But when everyone is wanting to talk about him on the day of the launch of his new show, you have accept that he has some form of value. Just about every single media and entertainment reporter at the Herald jumped on the band wagon yesterday to ply their click-bait trade in the hopes that some schmuck would read each useless piece of pointless commentary for a fraction of a cent each time. But the one that really irked me, was the Dom Post’s Jane Clifton.

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The numbers for The Paul Henry Show are in and at first glance, TV3 has had little to no impact on TV One’s Breakfast with almost identical figures for the same day last week.

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