The Plane Facts

HISTORY CHANNEL – Thursdays from 17 September, 10.30pm

A series full of amazing aviation stories and facts…The first Jumbo Jet was built from a total of 75,000 technical drawings. The public and media did not comprehend the sheer size of the Jumbo until it was wheeled out of the hanger for its debut press release. Many doubted that such a large aircraft could fly- and they were right. The first Jumbo was 250,000 pounds overweight and it had no hope of getting airborne. It had only been created so that Boeing’s designers could see where the technical drawings differed from reality- and the weight was a big miscalculation. We close the segment with the A380 Airbus, which has nearly twice the capacity of the Jumbo. We show how every component of the plane is weighed by the computer, as the plane is drawn and modelled. This is just one amongst hundreds of great plane facts that are explored. The series is made up of archive material that ranges from old biplanes to the latest footage from today’s international aerospace companies.