The Quatermass Experiment

A contemporary spin on a sci-fi cult classic, this is two hours of exciting and tense drama.

Bernard Quatermass is a visionary scientist, highly respected by those who work around him. He heads the futuristic Experimental Rocket Group whose greatest voyage is coming to an end. The completion of the journey will be not only Quatermass’greatest achievement, but that of mankind. However, as the final hours pass and the rocket approaches Earth, it becomes clear that something is horribly wrong…

Meanwhile Quatermass anxiously awaits the return of his privately financed rocket and its crew, who have made history by travelling further into space than any other human being. In the control room, achievement turns to nail-biting horror as all trace of the rocket disappears off the radar. When contact is eventually reestablished it is too late to stop the ship hurtling towards Earth at terrifying speed. The space craft crash lands in London, where only one crew member, Victor Carroon, appears to have survived. Where are the others? Something is definitely not right: Carroon’s body begins to mutate, in a strange, alien transformation.

Quatermass and his team desperately try to discover the cause of Carroon’s metamorphosis. But events do not go to plan, and Carroon escapes. An exciting chase across London ensues. The alien must be found, and stopped, before its contaminating force dominates not just London, but the world.

Starring Jason Flemyng and David Tennant.

27th December, 8.35pm on PRIME