The Real Gilligan’s Island

The Real Gilligan’s Island Saturday June 9, 3.00pm

Two new teams of castaways hit the beach in a second season of The Real Gilligan’s Island.

The Real Gilligan’s Island is back for another season of challenges, changes, hook-ups and showdowns. As this new season begins, host Scott Lasky is on the scene to remind viewers of the search around the United States for goofy Gilligans, distinguished Millionaires, model-esque Gingers, knowledgeable Professors, scruffy Skippers and chipper Mary Anns. Just like in last season, none of the chosen castaways know they’ll soon duke it out with their doubles to be the official cast of The Real Gilligan’s Island.
First, meet the Orange Team. The first castaway on this SS Minnow is Gilligan Shawn who says, “I’m the new-age Gilligan – the one that does his own thing.” Skipper Ken follows suit, reminding viewers that he gives, not takes, orders. He even admits, “Sometimes I take my hat off and hit people with it”. We’re also introduced to the independent Mary Ann Randi, the “love doctor” Professor Tiy-E, millionaires Jim and Donna and gorgeous Ginger, Angie.

Of course Team Orange has no idea what’s on the other side of the island: its competition. The Green Team’s Gilligan Zac will give Gilligan Shawn a run for his money as he feels he is more like the real Gilligan. He admits, “I’m a hyper little guy, so since Gilligan was the Skipper’s little buddy, it would be nice if I could find someone who can keep up with me.” Gilligan Zac may get just the kind of Skipper he’s looking for in extremely bossy Skipper “Crazy” Charlie. The rest of team consists of Mary Ann Mandy, Professor Andrew, millionaires Howie and Melissa and Ginger Erika who says, “I’m not a diva so if that’s what people are expecting, they may be disappointed… or pleasantly surprised”.

Host Scott Lasky then introduces both teams to each other – causing great surprise. Once the 14 are over the initial shock, Scott Lasky explains that each will face off in head-to-head competitions with their identical counterparts until seven remain. As the seven then compete with one another, the losers will continue to be banished to the other side of the island with no hope of rescue. The one remaining castaway will go home with $250,000.

The Real Gilligan’s Island promises more romantic hook-ups, tenuous alliances and bitter rivalries among the competitors, Saturdays at 3.00pm on TV2.