The Restaurant Inspector

8:30pm Tuesday, January 29 on Prime

Reality Series

The Olive Mill in Somerset is a Greek-themed roadside restaurant on a road to nowhere. Greek Cypriots Mark Rodosthenos and girlfriend Kristina Ellis re-opened The Olive Mill six months ago, but since then business is worse than ever. The Restaurant Inspector Fernando Peire is convinced that it’s the Mediterranean menu that’s putting the customers off. But can Fernando persuade these proud Greek Cypriots to wave goodbye to their heritage and celebrate local Somerset produce instead?

8:30pm Tuesday, January 22 on Prime

Documentary Series

The Vineyard is in a prime Northampton location yet mother and daughter team Tina and Amy Walder are failing to make a success of this fine-dining restaurant. The Restaurant Inspector Fernando Peire thinks the problems are three-fold – they need to update their image, change their menu and drastically improve the front of house service. But with no one at the helm, Fernando’s got his work cut out for him. Will he win Tina and Amy around to his radical solutions and save the business?

8:30pm Tuesday, January 15 on Prime

Documentary Series

Mat Poulton is a big chef with a big problem. Bambers Restaurant in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, used to be the talk of the town but since taking it over six months ago, Mat’s struggling to get enough customers through the door to make ends meet. The Restaurant Inspector Fernando Peire thinks this chef needs to work on his menu – and change the decor. According to Fernando, the restaurant is stuck in the ’80s and desperately needs an over-haul. But will Fernando be able to win this head-strong chef around to his way of thinking?

8:30pm Tuesday, January 8 on Prime

Documentary Series

Fernando Peire will work with some of Britain’s worst offending restaurants to see whether he can translate the success that he has had with London’s The Ivy on a smaller scale. He will solve the problems that the restaurants have by looking at what they are doing through the eyes of the diner and not from the perspective of the restaurateurs. Tonight, Fernando visits a failing eatery in Shropshire who blame the recession for their woes.